Pregnancy Signs Through the 40 Weeks

By Lisa Hayden / August 10, 2020

Pregnancy can be the most frightening and the best time of your life, but you can take the fear out of it all by reading up on the normal pregnancy signs the 40 weeks through the entire pregnancy period. This will give you a good idea of what each of the pregnancy symptoms should be throughout the pregnancy. However, you must remember that not every woman is the same, so you may experience some of these symptoms while you wont experience any of the others.

Parents holding an ultrasound image of their unborn baby

Changes to look for when you're pregnant

All pregnancies are as unique as each pregnant woman is unique, but obstetricians can say that many have similar symptoms throughout.

First Trimester of the Pregnancy Signs Through the 40 Weeks

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are probably the most difficult for a woman. At this time she experiences nausea, backaches, fatigue, mood changes and lots of stress. This is perfectly normal and most women are affected by at least some of these symptoms. Most of these are caused by your elevated hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, gonadotropin and human chorionic. In fact, not having morning sickness may be an indication of a problem as they have higher risks of experiencing a miscarriage. Fortunately, most of these unpleasant pregnancy signs disappear by weeks 12 and 13.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks 14 to Week 28

So you made it through the tough part and your pregnancy signs from the first trimester are diminishing. Your second trimester is much easier to cope with. The terrible morning sickness is gone and your beautiful pregnant belly is starting to show. You definitely can start feeling proud of your pregnancy. This is when you feel the best about your body and your hormones start levelling out. You will need to continue to see your healthcare provider but you feel better about yourself. Your back may start to hurt at times and you might start to feel fatigued. Get lots of rest and use a pregnancy pillow to relieve the stress. Pregnancy signs by week 16 or 17 will include the baby movements within the womb.

At this stage the baby weighs about 1.2 pounds and measures about 8 inches. His body and face look much like that of a baby born normally. Most women can now hear the baby's heartbeat. There are very few ill symptoms of pregnancy by weeks 15, 16 through 28. This is the time that women can sleep and feel a renewed sense of energy.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks 29 to 40

This is the last trimester, you are between six to nine months pregnant and your baby will soon be here. You are no longer relaxed, and the added weight starts to get bothersome. You may feel like your stomach is stretched as far as it can go and this brings on a little soreness. Special creams and massages can help at this stage in the game. As your delivery time approaches you should try to rest as much as possible. Obey your doctor´s orders and eat healthily. Be sure to take your vitamins and wait for the baby to mature fully. The last week may be the most difficult and usual pregnancy signs by week 38 include a great deal of fatigue. This is the total pregnancy signs through the 40 weeks.

40 weeks of pregnancy

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