Baby Changing Bags Buying Guide

    By Lisa Hayden / December 25, 2023
    Top 5 Best Baby Changing Bags

    Baby Changing Bags Buying Guide

    Being out and about with a baby feels like starring in your own action and adventure movie: So many things to do all at once - The right bag will make you a superwoman (or superman!) It’s so very important these days that we carry the baby’s world with us wherever we go, just to ensure that our little ones need whatever it is to pacify them when something goes wrong.

    A perfect baby changing bag (or diaper bags) should be able to fit everything you need for your baby when you’re out of your comfort zone- your home. Apart from diapers, it should carry extra clothes for the baby, some toys and snacks. And of course, there’s your stuff as well that needs to go into it! These days, a lot of bags feature sections that’ll hold your cell phone and wallet and more in specific pockets designed to hold them- ensuring that they are always dry and you’re organized. Wouldn’t mothers just love features like a detachable inner bag that’ll stash their makeup and other items.

    Although there are different baby diaper bags for moms and dads (yes there are men’s diaper bag/ diaper bags for dads as well!)- Please keep your partner in mind when choosing a bag. Parents could prefer different styles- a backpack style so the weight is evenly distributed while carrying it, or the other might like a messenger bag style. Also, when it comes down to designs or patterns, choose one that both of you can carry- something that unisex. And if you cannot agree on one bag, get two—and keep them stocked!

    Figuring out which is the perfect diaper bag for your needs will significantly reduce the amount of stress you experience when you take out your baby out. A baby bag will make diaper changes away from home so easy that’ll make things simpler by ensuring that you have everything you need and also that it’s organized for easy-access. A tote diaper bag which is incredibly stylish however that lacks in function can be disappointing. But, here’s some good news, we found that you don't have to really sacrifice style for function.

    Baby Changing Bags Buying Guide

    Types of Diaper Bags

    Just like any fashion accessory, the diaper bags come in hundreds of styles and shapes. Let’s have a look at the different types of diaper bags that are more commonly available in the market


    Now this is a giant handbag. The bulkiest of all diaper bags (minus the baby gear inside), it provides an organized as well as roomy solution. Totes are the popular diaper bag option in the market. As such, totes are available in many designs and are largely popular with parents who want the functionality of a diaper bag plus look fashionable!

    Totes have the widest opening of all the diaper bags which allows you to easily locate specific baby gear when you’re baby is in a poop emergency. One point to remember is most times in order to access the contents of this bag you may need to place it down.


    They are stylish, flat can and hang off your shoulder. Messenger diaper bags, also known as sling or satchel diaper bags can be identified by a single long strap which hangs over the shoulder and are generally slimmer than totes. A major advantage of these bags is that you won’t have to take the bag off in order to retrieve the diapers or baby wipes from inside. What’s not very nice about these is that they put a lot of weight on one side of the body. Here’s a tip to help you with this- while carrying a messenger diaper bag ensure to carry it in a way that the bag sits on one side of the body and the strap is on the opposite side. This way the bag can’t easily slip off the shoulder if you’re carrying it vertically.

    Are the fashionistas worried that this may not be stylish enough for you? These bags come in bright floral to patterns that the most macho of Dads will be happy to wear.


    Organized parents rejoice! This is the newest style of diaper bag in the market that allows you to lug around all the baby gear and keep both hands free to carry your baby, or shopping or to simply double high-five with your best mate!

    Outwardly a backpack diaper bag looks much like any other backpack. Only when you take a look inside you will know that this backpack is anything but regular. So many pockets! Easy access pockets include a diaper wipe pocket and an insulated baby bottle pocket. Depending on how much you stuff inside them, diaper bags can quickly get heavy. These bags evenly distribute the weight across the shoulders and back which prevents back pain. Sorry parents of twin kids- if you have more than a single baby in diapers then the diaper bag backpack may not help you much and you’ll very likely need a bigger diaper bag.


    These have three different carry options. Convertible diaper bags are also known as multifunction diaper bags. These can turn into at least two of these styles of bags (tote, backpack, messenger). These diaper bags come as a tote but with detachable straps. Simply add or remove the straps depending on what style of diaper bag you want for that day!


    These bags attach directly to the baby’s stroller, hence the name. Instead of sitting below the stroller in the storage compartment, the Stroller diaper bags hang from the stroller handles, making it easy for you to grab your baby’s gear.

    Small Diaper Bags

    These are great for short trips where you will need a diaper or two and a small amount of baby essentials. Some of the kinds of small diaper bags are fanny pack diaper bag, clutch diaper bag and designer diaper bags.

    Diaper Bag Checklist

    Phew! Now that you’re spoiled for choice, are you really wondering what goes in a diaper bag? We’ve put together a few essentials we thought would help you answer- what to put in a diaper bag!

    Baby's Things

    Your Things





    Changing pad


    Rash cream

    Hand sanitizer



    Bags for dirty diapers

    Drink bottle

    Burp cloths




    Change of clothes

    A good book

    Baby bottle/ sippy cup


    Nursing cover

    Make up (for Mom)

    Hat + sunscreen

    As you can see the things you need to fit inside a diaper bag could quickly add up. Gather these objects together and check just how much room they take up otherwise try visualizing it in your head. If it’s looking like it’s a lot of stuff, then maybe you need to go through each item and decide whether it is essential or not. Taking a second opinion will also be hugely beneficial here (the voice of reason).

    Most importantly, your diaper bag should be able to fit all of the chosen objects in a very organized manner without you having to stuff everything inside in a big mess.

    What to Look for When Choosing a Changing Bag

    Before buying, buyers must consider several pointers to make sure they get value for money and max usage of the bag.

    Fabric - You’ll find hundreds of choices in fabrics-modern brocades to glazed and coated canvas but make sure to choose something durable. A microfiber bag or moisture-resistant nylon will be practical; you'll need a diaper bag that’s easy to clean, both inside and out. If you live in cold climates steer clear of vinyl bags as they are known to crack when the temperature dips.

    Construction - Straps should be wide, padded and adjustable straps and won't dig into your shoulders. Also, look for metal zippers or heavy-duty plastic or with sturdy closures.

    Color - A few manufacturers continue to offer "baby colors" like pastels or light-colored prints. But, did you know that dark shades are less likely to show stains or dirt. A light- or bright color interior can make it easier to see what's inside.

    Baby Changing Bags

    Toy Hook - This allows you to keep the baby’s favorite toy or pacifier on hand for when the baby starts to cry. Without a moment to lose you will be able to hand the baby their favorite toy to soothe away the tears.

    Feet - This allows you to keep the baby’s favorite toy or pacifier on hand for when the baby starts to cry. Without a moment to lose you will be able to hand the baby their favorite toy to soothe away the tears. Some diaper bags have with small feet that are sewn into the base of the bag. Rather than having the base of the bag come into direct contact with the ground, these feet keep the bag slightly elevated, and your diaper bag will continue to look clean and new for longer.

    Changing Pad - A lot of bags have a changing pad that’s folding and rectangular, that fits well in the bag and is easy to clean. These are fitted into their pockets, making it easier to locate them. Some models may also have a pad that’s attached to the side of the bag or sit in a zippered compartment.

    Storage - Compartments should be easy-to-access with interior and exterior zips, which will help in storage for things you need constantly like baby wipes, pacifiers, and your cell phone. When travelling with your little one's formula or food, an insulated cooler section is great. Bottle pockets are great and handy. Pockets are so important because you’ll want to keep bottles and food separate from dirty diapers.

    Handles - The handles (tote-style) should not be long as it will drag the bag along while carrying it, but at least that long that it can be slung over your shoulder. Wide and well-padded straps are welcome and comfortable.

    Weight - Any diaper bag that weighs 3 pounds before packed will become a heavy load once the diapers and other gear is added.

    Organization - This is a very touchy subject. Some of us are organized to the point of color coordinating clothes and also alphabetizing your pantry! However, some of us are take the “build-a-pile” approach to organizing and will end up realizing that more often than not what they need is on the bottom. So, if you are a stuffer, buy a diaper bag with lots of pockets! Remember, you are unique and you deserve a diaper bag that has a large compartment that will accommodate your special way of organizing the baby gear.

    Here is a buying checklist you could use to ensure you’re covered:

    • Does the bag come with lots of well-organized pockets/compartments for different things ( an insulated bottle holder)?
    • Can it be washed in the machine? 
    • Does the bag have a detachable changing mat, so your baby can be changed on the go?
    • Is the interior light-colored along with mesh or see-through pockets?
    • Could it be used as a normal, regular handbag?
    • Can both mom and dad use the changing bag?
    • Does it have broad shoulder straps for comfortable carrying or is it a backpack-style so that you're hands-free?
    • What are the accessories that are included-like disposable liners for the nappy compartment?
    Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel

    Our Recommendation

    All parents would know how important it is to bring a nappy changing bag when you’re out and about. A changing bag is an important storage bag and buyers must consider how they plan to use it to help them determine which type is best-suited for them. We’d like to leave the choice of what style you love best and here are our recommendations for the Top 5 Best Baby Changing Bags.

    Our Top pick is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel.​