Best Rectangular Trampoline Buying Guide

By Lisa Hayden / September 9, 2020
Best Rectangular Trampoline Buying Guide

Best Rectangular Trampoline Buying Guide

Kids are just naturally bursting with energy. They have that constant vigor that we adults often envy them for. They have so much zest and spark. They need to be lively so that they could grow into healthy and well-rounded people. It would be such a waste then if we just let them spend the whole day cooped up, just fidgeting with their phones and tablets. If we give them the chance, we will find that kids actually love to run and jump around. They just absolutely love to knock the wind out of their lungs and end up catching their breath. Cardio might just be their favorite game. Wide open parks excite them. Monkey bars excite them. And, boy, do trampolines excite them!

Kids jumping on rectangular trampoline

How to choose the best rectangular trampoline for your family

Trampolines are actually a good place for children to direct all their energy to. What is so great about trampolines is that kids and adults alike end up having fun on it for hours, without realizing they are actually exercising. Trampolines are great for cardio exercises. They are as effective as jogging and running, probably even more, but they are not as strenuous to the knees and joints. In fact, rebounding on trampolines even improves bone density and strengthens ligaments, tendons and joints.

What are the different kinds of trampolines?

A typical trampoline consists of a steel frame on which a strong and taut fabric is stretched over. The fabric or trampoline mat is attached to the frame with the use of numerous coiled springs. Trampolines are being used for cross trainings, competitive sports and recreational pastimes. They come in a number of sizes and shapes.

● Mini trampoline

The smallest kind is the mini-trampoline. Mini-trampolines are also sometimes referred to as rebounders, trampettes, jogging trampolines, or exercise trampolines. They measure around 1 meter in diameter and are often kept for indoor use during exercises.

Best Rectangular Trampoline Buying Guide

● Competitive trampoline

Competitive trampolines are bigger and can have a frame that measures up to 10ft by 17ft. The frames are very sturdily made and are made of steel. The competitive gymnastic of trampolining first made its appearance in the Olympics in the year 2000. The sports slamball and bossaball, variants of basketball and volleyball respectively, also make use of trampolines.

● Home trampoline

Home trampolines, although still sturdily made for our safety, are not built for heavy use. They are meant for recreational use by the whole family. Home trampolines may come in various shapes such as round or oval and rectangular, but today, we shall focus on rectangular trampolines.​

What is the difference between round and rectangular trampolines?

A typical trampoline consists of a steel frame on which a strong and taut fabric is stretched over. The fabric or trampoline mat is attached to the frame with the use of numerous coiled springs. Trampolines are being used for cross trainings, competitive sports and recreational pastimes. They come in a number of sizes and shapes.

Round Trampoline

With round trampolines, jumpers tend to be pushed towards the middle of the trampoline during jumps. This naturally happens because of the design of round trampolines, where the softest part of the trampoline pad is the center. The springs of round trampolines are designed to react the same way to the impact of a jump simultaneously, all at the same time. This means that the middle part will have the most bounce.

Rectangular Trampoline

Rectangular trampolines, on the other hand, are designed to produce uncontrolled bounces. Jumpers may jump on any part of the trampoline and there is no tendency for the jumpers to be pushed towards the center of the sheet. Each spring to which the trampoline mat is attached to is able to react differently to the impact of the jump at different times. Rectangular trampolines are therefore ideal when it is expected to have multiple jumpers bouncing on the trampoline at once. Since jumpers will not be forced back to the center, there is no risk of the kids colliding into each other.

Since rectangular trampolines do not force jumpers into the center of the mat, they are most popular among families with multiple kids who would be likely to use the trampoline at the same time. Trampolines used in competitive sports also come in the form of a rectangle due to the even bounces that they can provide.​

We here at ParentsNeeds HQ have put together this buying guide that is meant to help you pick out the best rectangular trampoline for you and your family. We know that deciding to get a trampoline was no easy feat, and that actually choosing one is no easier. A trampoline surely does not come cheap, and with all the choices that are available in the market, how will you know which trampoline will give you the most value for your money? Read on and find out how to buy the best rectangular trampoline as we provide you with some insights.

What are the features to look for in the best rectangular trampoline?

Best Rectangular Trampoline Buying Guide

● Safety Nets

Safety is always our number one concern for our children. When bouncing on trampolines, doing tricks and twists cannot be helped. It can become quite easy to lose one’s bearings and lose sight of where one might land on the trampoline. The best rectangular trampoline will have a safety net to ensure that jumpers will remain within the mat area no matter what kinds of tricks they might be doing. Get a rectangular trampoline that comes with a quality safety net that is not only meant for display, but will also be able to deliver its purpose as well. Inspect the quality of the safety net and the sturdiness of its poles and attachments. The safety net system should be able to catch jumpers on the loose without giving in.

● Spring Guards

The best rectangular trampoline will have spring guards that will properly protect your child’s limbs from getting caught in the springs. Getting a trampoline with spring guards will ensure your child’s safety during play time on the trampoline since the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

● Weight Capacity

Trampolines, whether round or rectangular, all have weight limits. The best kind of a rectangular trampoline is one that has a superior weight limit and can comfortably accommodate adult jumpers. Getting a trampoline with a high weight limit will ensure your family can enjoy the purchase even when your children grow.

● Multiple Jumpers

Things are always much more fun when done with the whole family. The best kind of rectangular trampoline is the kind that allows multiple jumpers to bounce on it at the same time, without the risk of the jumpers colliding with each other. It is best to choose a trampoline that can accommodate several users all at once since this could mean quality family time and you will get to enjoy the trampoline with your kids.

● Weatherproof Material

Unless you have a gym in your home, rectangular trampolines are sure to be placed outside in the yard. It could go unprotected from the harsh elements of the environment. Exposure to the intense rays of the sun and unforgiving bashing of the rain could shorten the lifespan of a trampoline. The best rectangular trampoline will be made of weatherproof material. It should be able to take a beating from the ever changing weather conditions without getting its quality and safety compromised.

● Spring Quality for the Bounce

The quality of the bounce does not actually depend on the trampoline mat. It lies on the quality of the springs. The best trampoline will have high grade spring coils that can maintain its integrity for years.

● Sturdy Base

It is important that trampolines be built with a sturdy base that can support the impacts made by jumps. A sturdy base ensures that the trampoline system will not fold in or tip over during use. Rectangular trampolines may either have four legs that are diagonal to each other or two legs that run from side to side on each end. Whatever the design is, be sure to check out the stability of the legs. Check for reinforcements that brace the legs to each other. The best rectangular trampoline will have a strong base with reliable reinforcements.

Best Rectangular Trampoline Buying Guide

● Mat Size

Another thing to consider when buying rectangular trampolines is the actual play area or the mat size. Are you in the market for olympic sized mats or will you be satisfied with a moderately sized trampoline that can support your recreational exercises? More importantly, do you have the space to accommodate a rectangular trampoline? The size of the trampoline that you will get depends on your preference. Keep in mind that the bigger trampolines cost more expensive as well.

● Accessories

Some trampoline models come with their own step ladders to make climbing in and out of the play area easier. Some may even come with basketball hoops to further enhance your child’s trampolining experience. The best rectangular trampoline will come with additional accessories that can further up their game.

How to buy the best rectangular trampoline?

  • First, do your research and look up some brands that are available in the market. Read up on their respective specifications, features and limitations. Be on the lookout for consumer reviews that give honest feedbacks on the trampolines that they have purchased. Find out the brands that come highly rated and highly recommended.
  • Decide on the features that are important for you. Does it have safety reinforcements in place? How big do you want the trampoline to be? Will you be placing it outdoors and will it need to be weatherproof? Does it need to be able to hold multiple jumpers at a time? Does it need to be able to support adult jumpers?
  • Prepare your budget. Trampolines definitely do not come cheap. Quality trampolines may run you from $600 to $2500. It is one investment that you need to be sure about so, again, do your research and only commit when you have the budget for it.
  • Inspect the product before purchasing it and keep the receipt and proof of warranty. If you are buying it online, make sure that they honor consumer rights for replacements or refunds. Check the quality of the material and the completeness of the parts. Do not use a trampoline with missing parts or damaged parts.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow their safety guidelines accordingly. Install and set-up the trampoline system properly and completely. Do a final check before use.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Take note of the weight limit of the rectangular trampoline that you have chosen. Check the specification that is declared by the manufacturer. It is important that you follow the specified weight limit since this will ensure that you and your child should be safe when you are using it. Trampolines undergo a series of quality testing in order to arrive at these safest limits so follow them for good measure.
  • Take note of the number of jumpers allowed on the trampoline at a time. Follow what is specified by the manufacturer. It is recommended however that only one jumper be on the trampoline at a time, no matter the capacity of the trampoline.
  • Do not ever leave your children unattended when they are on the trampoline. Always supervise them.
  • Do not allow your children to perform tricks that they are not trained for. Somersaults and other tricks may cause head and neck injuries in case of a bad landing.
  • Always check the equipment before use. Damaged parts should be repaired or replaced as needed. Never let your children play on a damaged trampoline.
AlleyOOP 10’x17’ PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline

Our Recommendation

Trampolines sure are fun and exciting. They will, however, require a significant amount of precaution since they are not exactly the safest pastime in the world. With enough supervision and constant reminders to our children to play safe, trampolines can become quite beneficial. At this point, we are sure you are set on getting a trampoline for your home. Having read our buying guidelines for rectangular trampolines, we here at ParentsNeeds HQ hope we have helped you narrow down your list on which trampoline to get. If you need further help in making that final choice, we have prepared our own list of top rectangular trampolines. Check out our Top 5 Best Rectangular Trampolines where we give the low down on some of the highly rated rectangular trampolines. Find out which features led these brands to the top of our list and which drawbacks are preventing them from getting the top spot, which the AlleyOOP 10’ by 17’ PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline is currently sitting on.

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