Best Foundations For Oily Skin Buying Guide

By Lisa Hayden / April 16, 2019
Best Foundations For Oily Skin Buying Guide

Best Foundations For Oily Skin Buying Guide

Ever wondered why a skin foundation is called, well, foundation? Foundation, simply, is the base from which everything else will start. We all know a good foundation goes a long way. And we could be talking not just about the cosmetic product. We could be talking about building foundations, basis of principles, educational investment and a lot of other things, but today we are talking about foundation makeup.

Foundation is a facial cosmetic product that is applied on the face to gain a uniform and flawless complexion. Foundations come in skin tone shades to match your skin color. Unlike concealers which are applied on specific and small areas of the face, foundations are applied all over the face and neck so as to ensure a natural-looking coverage.

If you’re a newcomer to the whole foundation craze, or if you feel like you have been doing foundation wrong your whole cosmetics life, you might want to check out the buying guide we have prepared here at ParentsNeed HQ.

Have you got oily skin and can’t seem to decide where to start? You are in luck. This buying guide is all about finding the right foundation that will best suit an oily skin. Later on in this buying guide, we will be helping you choose the best foundation if you have oily skin. Just to be thorough, let us first discuss the different types of skin.

What are the different skin types?

It is important to know what your skin type is because a lot of success in cosmetic use depends on compatibility. Most cosmetic products have established and declared compatibilities with different skin types. It is your responsibility to determine what type you are.

● Normal Skin Type​

Normal skin means your skin is neither oily nor dry. This skin type has minimal pore size, good elasticity and overall smooth texture, making it compatible to most, if not all, cosmetic products.

● Dry Skin Type

Dry skin means your skin is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin lacks elasticity and therefore has a tight feeling. Due to lack of moisture, dry skin easily flakes off and small pores are usually visible. Moisture enhancing cosmetics are the best type of cosmetic products for dry skin types.

best foundations

● Oily Skin Type

Oily skin is the result of an overproduction of oil by the skin, making the skin appear shiny. Though oily skin is usually moisturized since the oil locks in the moisture, it is prone to blemishes, acne, blackheads, clogged pores and build up of dead skin. Large pores are visible on oily skins. If you have oily skin, do take care to use only cosmetic products that are specifically designed for oily skin. An oil-free formulation with a matte finish could be the best choice for oily skin type.

● Combination Skin Type

As can be derived from the name, this skin type is a combination of dry and oily skin. Skin in the T-zone area tends to be oily while the skin over the cheeks and eyes are dry. Care must be taken when applying cosmetics on these skin types.

● Sensitive Skin Type

People with sensitive skin are prone to allergic reactions with ingredients that are otherwise harmless to other skin types.

What are the types of foundations?

Now let’s briefly discuss the different forms of foundation and their compatibility with different skin types. Each form of foundation has its own level of coverage. Effectivity of each form to produce flawless skin largely depends on its compatibility with the skin type.

● Liquid Foundation​

Probably the most versatile of all the types of foundation, liquid foundations can provide from very sheer to heavy coverage. This type of foundation provides a smooth and silky finish. Due to its liquid formulation, liquid foundations give the most natural look and feel. It doesn’t feel too heavy and thick on the face. It gives the right amount of coverage and is perfectly capable of covering up flaws and imperfections. Liquid foundations are perfect for every skin type.

● Cream Foundation

Cream foundations obviously have a creamy consistency. They are quite easy to apply owing to their smooth nature. They have a very thick texture and are highly pigmented, thus making it easy to build coverage with just a small amount. If you are looking for a moderate to heavy coverage, cream foundations are what might suit you. Cream foundations are generally long-lasting and have good staying power. They often have moisturizing properties so they are typically recommended for people with normal to dry skin types.

● Compact Foundation

Compact foundations are hybrids of liquid foundations and powder foundations. It is a favorite for people who are looking for portability since they get two products, compacted into one neat package. Compact foundations are easy to apply. This very versatile foundation can provide coverage ranging from sheer to heavy. When applied with a dry powder sponge, compact foundations produce light, sheer coverage. Using a damp powder sponge will give you heavy coverage with a matte finish. Compact foundations work well for people with normal, combination, and oily skin types.

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● Illuminating Foundation

Illuminating foundations provide natural, fresh glow by virtue of their highlighting effect, owing to their formulations, which contain ingredients with reflective properties. These ingredients include crushed minerals and pearls. Unlike most foundations, instead of the usual moderate to heavy coverage, illuminating foundations give the skin a subtle shimmer. They are often applied on the cheekbones, above the brows and the temples. Illuminating foundations can be used by people with normal, combination, and dry skin types.

● Matte Foundation

Matte foundations are used when moderate to heavy coverage is desired and when the foundation is expected to be worn for an extended time. Their very thick and concentrated texture renders them to provide such coverage. Normal, oily and combination skin types may use this type of foundation.

● Mineral Foundation

The foundation that best suits sensitive skin types, Mineral foundations are composed of mineral ingredients that are skin friendly. They come in powder form, best applied by using a kabuki brush. Mineral foundations provide flawless coverage to the skin without clogging the pores and forming into wrinkles.

● Stick Foundation

Stick foundations have very thick textures and can therefore provide moderate to heavy coverage. They are very convenient to use because of their portability. These foundations come in sticks pretty much the way lipsticks do. They are highly pigmented and sometimes act as a two-in-one cosmetic product by having concealer features incorporated into its formulation. Stick foundations, however, take practice to blend perfectly due to their thick texture. Stick foundations are best for normal and combination skin types.

For a quick recap:​

Type of Foundation

Suitable For

Liquid foundation

Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive

Cream foundation

Normal, Dry

Compact foundation

Normal, Oily, Combination

Illuminating foundation

Normal, Dry, Combination

Matte foundation

Normal, Oily, Combination

Mineral foundation

Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive

Stick foundation

Normal, Combination

How to choose a foundation for oily skin?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the different skin types as well as the different kinds of foundation, let us focus our attention on how to choose the best foundation for oily skin types.

Decide which type of foundation to get. From the looks of it, you may opt to pick a choice among liquid, compact, matte, and mineral foundation. Choose how you want to apply your foundation. Consider the degree of portability that you would want, if portability is a concern.​

Choose skin-friendly formulations. Choose the formula that will best suit your oily skin. Try reading the label and see if the formulation is oil-free. Oil-free means there were no plant, mineral or synthetic oils used in the formulation. Foundations with a matte or powder finish work best for oily skin type since the powder will absorb the oil and leave a matte finish.​

What type of coverage do you want? Different brands and products offer a variety of coverage from ultra sheer to full, heavy coverage. The important thing here is to know how you intend to use your foundation. Is it for regular use as part of your daily facial regimen? Then we suggest foundations with light to moderate coverage, especially if you expect to just stay indoors most of the day. Choose a foundation with heavier coverage for night events and special occasions.​

Carefully choose the shade. We say carefully because this is where most people make mistakes. They often choose the wrong shade. The key to finding the best shade for your skin is figuring out first your skin’s undertone. The easiest way to know what your undertone is by checking out the color of your veins on areas with very thin skin coverage like your wrists. Olive green veins mean you have warm undertones. You have cool undertones if your veins are blue. Your undertones are neutral if they are somewhere in between. Yellow to peach colored foundation will look great on skin with warm undertones. Pink colored foundations work best on skins with cool tones. Neutral tones can work with any shade but we have found the yellow-based foundations work best.​

best foundations

Do you need your foundation to be long-lasting? If you are in the market for a foundation for casual use, you really don’t need long-lasting foundations. If you will wear it for extended hours, however, then look for foundations that offer coverage for extended wear.​

Perform a dry run. In short, try out the testers that are available in your local beauty stores. Test the foundation against your jawline, instead of on your hand. Be sure to do this under the most natural light possible. You would know you have found the perfect shade for yourself if the foundation disappeared and completely blended into your skin.​

Would you like some bonus features with your foundation? Decide whether you would be satisfied with a foundation that would perform the most basic of functions. There are foundations out in the market that offer more than the usual coverage. Perhaps you would be interested in foundations with SPF content. Maybe you would like a foundation that could double as a concealer. Some products offer anti-aging features by targeting fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. These are not bad add-ons at all. If you could get around with the additional cost with which these features come with, then by all means, go get ‘em.​

Read up on top-rated foundations for oily skin types. The easiest way to know which brand is the best is to read what other consumers are hyping about. Find out the experiences of the people who have tried and tested your prospective foundation. It is through consumer reviews that you will get to find out about the actual performance of a certain product. Does it cake? Is it long-lasting? Is it smudge free? Do your research before making that purchase. Our skin deserves the best. It is your responsibility to make sure it only gets the best.​

What is your working budget? No matter how great the foundation you’ve chosen is, the most limiting factor would be your budget. Perform a reality check before heading to the cashier. Check out prices online. Compare and eliminate choices. Pick the brand with the best value for the money that you have.​

Other points to keep in mind:

  • Using primers and bb creams can help the foundation to go on your skin smoothly and provide additional coverage as well.
  • Use the right tools. Some foundations require a beauty sponge for application. Other are best applied using a kabuki brush. The mode of application is usually indicated on the label so do examine your purchase.
  • Make the necessary preparations before applying foundation on your skin. Keep in mind that you have oily skin and that you wouldn’t want to clog any pores. You want look better with foundation on. Not doing the proper preparation will only worsen your skin’s condition and will have totally defeated your quest to look better. Completely wash and clean your face before putting any makeup on, to ensure the pores are clear. Just as important, completely remove your makeup, with makeup removers if necessary, before going to bed.
  • Don’t forget your neck. You want to look naturally beautiful, correct? Then don’t stop at your jawline. Remember to blend your foundation along your neck and make it appear seamless.

Our Recommendation

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