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    Top 25 Books For Toddlers Or Young Readers | 2024 Reviews

    By Lisa Hayden / April 19, 2024
    25 Books For Toddlers

    Top 25 Best Books For Toddlers Or Young Readers

    There are countless books out there in the world and choosing ones that your little ones will enjoy and learn life skills at the same time can be a bit daunting. Here at ParentsNeed HQ, we are all up for a good research that influences families, especially children in making their lives all the more enriched. Reading is one such  great habit that we believe the children need to cultivate and develop on from a very young age, so we jumped as soon the idea of bringing you the best books for toddlers and young children came to the fore.

    Top 25 Books For Toddlers Or Young Readers | [xyz-ips snippet='Auto-Year3'] Reviews

    Get your kids reading!

    Research suggests that children who are engaged in reading at an early stage improve their learning abilities and become more curious while they are young and also go on to become more creative and expressive as adults- so as the old adage goes, there can be no better gift than a book. 

    So how did we finalise the list of these incredible 25 books? Apart from commissioning highly skilled editorial team to bring in their inner child to read piles and piles of books, we also ran workshops to understand if the chosen ones impart any level of life skills, creative freedom, independence or instill a sense of belief . The result is an astonishing 25 top books for toddlers and young readers that we hope your little ones enjoy!   Enjoy reading....

    If You Give... Books Series

    If you give

    It is a best selling book series written by children’s author Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond which makes you laugh and think at the same time. It is just soo perfect for children and as a family that you don’t want to miss it. There are several hilarious books in this series like if you give a mouse a brownie, if you give a dog a donut, if you give a cat a cupcake, if you give a pig a pancake etc. Each one is so unique and funny that you would have made up your mind to read the next one before you finish the first. The recent picture book “if you give a mouse a brownie” is another best seller from this author duo Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. Not to be missed for sure. Go grab one for yourself that tickles your little ones funny bones.

    Ada Twist, Scientist 

    Ada Scientist

    This a great book for those blooming minds who see a lot of things happening around them but don’t necessarily understand why? Their curious minds get to work as a scientist to find the reasons behind it. Scientist Ada is one such story where Ada is on a fact finding mission and conducts experiments to find the underlying problem in her house. This is the new offering from the author Andrea Beaty, whose earlier books Rosie Revere,Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect were also very popular among kids. Go have a read of all these books and have fun.

    Good Good Father

    Good good father

    This is a simple & clean book filled with emotions which we think every child should read. An award winner music artist Chris Tomlin has teamed up with Pat Barrett to bring this fantastic book for kids which reassures the child that God is good and he loves everyone of us. It is a story of a little bear named Tucker who wants to meet the King and know what he is like. A great read of young and Old. Our selected group of children absolutely loved the readings so this is no doubt an absolute classic- a brilliant mixture of neat, simple and clean storytelling.


    An Elephant And Piggie Book Series 

    Elephant and Piggie

    This is a great series written by Mo Willems crafting the character of two friends Gerald and Piggie. This picture book series is going to amuse and help children who would want to teach themselves a bit more reading. This amazing story has conversations between 2 characters and a few more who come in occasionally and is scripted in very simple and easy sentences that the kid would be delighted to read. Some of the book in the series are Should I Share My Ice-cream, The Thank You Book, Elephants Cannot Dance etc.  We would strongly recommend you to buy the entire collection as it will hold your child to the book for long.

    Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes

    Pete the cat

    The best selling authors James and Kimberly Dean have come up with this amazing picture book which sends a great message to the kids while doing fun activities and enjoying reading books. Pete the cat wants to have a party with his gang and finds the cupcakes missing and gets on the mission of solving the mystery. It is a great storyline for kids to see and learn some basic emotions that guides them to becoming good human beings. The pictures are great and colourful. Out of all the books written by these authors, this one is a clear front runner. If you liked this one you could also read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes,  Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons, Pete the Cat : Valentine's Dat is Cool and many more.

    Baxter Is Missing : A Branches Book(Owl diaries #6)


    This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line, Branches written by Rebecca Elliott which focuses on early readers. It has great illustrations, gripping story line to keep the child glued to the book and easy to read words that helps the child comprehend the story very well. This book is 6th in the series and the previous books are just as exciting. We would recommend all the books for your blooming independent reader at home. The Story starts with an exciting assignment that Eva and her classmates has to do. But suddenly Eva finds out that her pet bat, Baxter has disappeared. Will she find her pet? Will she be able to complete her assignment? Have a read and find it out yourself.....

    River Rose And The Magical Lullaby


    Kelly Clarkson, a Grammy Award winner, an incredible singing sensation, makes her picture book debut with this enchanting story inspired by her own daughter, River Rose. The book has a link, so you can listen to an original lullaby written and performed by Kelly herself. This is a great book which takes your child into an adventurous dream of animal kingdom. It has adorable pictures and the story is too mesmerising that your child would love to hear and read it again and again. A great good imagination with a liberal touch of fantasy that will make your child smile while they sleep.

    Carrie's Flight

    Carrie's Flight

    Mixing in a splash of educational facts with a dash of fantasy, Lois Wickstrom weaves together a touching story of love, longing and  Carrie's bond with her Grandmother. With beautiful illustrations and some well placed playful fonts, this book is sure to keep young readers engaged and parents entertained. We at ParentsNeed especially like the varied vocabulary which will surely help new readers gain confidence in their reading skills and spark meaningful discussion with their parents ... and grandparents! We look forward to reading more of Lois' books in the near future!

    They All Saw A Cat


    This is an ingenious bit of writing by Brendan Wenzel which teaches children to see and analyse things around them. The illustrations are a great piece of art which drags the attention of kids and sends out a strong message without preaching them that every pair of eyes see the world in their own perspective and everyone are right in their own way.  The words are simple and repetitive. So children come out to be more confident as they can read all on their own. All in all a great book for kids. Enjoy....

    Those Darn Squirrels And The Cat Next Door


    This is a great book written by Adam Rubin with very innovative and quirky illustrations which makes children laugh till it hurts. We completely recommend every parent to read this book to your little one as it is for both young and old. This is  story about Fookwire’s, an old man living in a quiet yard until he has new neighbours who starts to annoy him and the animals in his farm. While Fookwire is frustrated the squirrels device a plan to put an end to all this. A very intelligent way of narrating a story  indeed. Have fun reading...

    Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum


    This is a board book by Anna Dewdney which explains the cooking aspect of llama llama and his mama. they both get together to cook up some delicious food in their kitchen. This book has scratch and sniff element in it so that children can read the name of the dish, scratch it and smell the dish to understand its texture and flavours. Mindblowing way of teaching children a little more about food and cooking. This encourages them to eat well and also help in their own little way in the kitchen.

    Penguin Problems


    Penguin problems written by Jory John is one of its kind which is surely going to tickle you funny bones while you read. It has got great sense of humour, wonderful compassionate feeling  and to top it all incredible illustrations that complements the story. It is trying to explain to one and all that everybody have their own share of problems and that grass on the other side is always green. Though this is a very serious message to pass through, it is done in a very funny way so that they could grip the readers. We couldn't praise this book enough. This book is also regarded as Amazon's best children book of the year. Please read and find it yourself.

    Hotel Bruce


    A great new addition to the Ryan T. Higgins  collection. He is a marvellous children's book writer and this book shows it all. Bruce, the bear returns from his southern migration trip along with his goslings and finds that his den is converted into a hotel by a set of mice. He hints them to leave the place immediately but mice are in no mood to listen. Bruce loses it all when he finds that his goslings have now become a part of the hotel staff. Will he get his den back? Will he be able to live his life like he used to?  Find it out yourself when you read...

    Hail To The Chief


    This is sixth book by Callista Gingrich that adds to the Ellis the elephant series. Ellis is back and wants to visit the White House to learn more about several famous presidents who have led the country to create  such a great history. You could also read other books in the series which explores the fascinating lives of those who have held the nation’s highest office. A great way of teaching children the history of our Nation which is normally considered very boring. This book holds the child's interest by the means of great pictures and  helping them understand the greatness of the people who have made America proud.

    The Uncorker Of Ocean Bottles


    This book from Michelle Cuevas is truly a marvel. Everything about this book is incredible. The story line, illustrations, delivery of message to the audience ; truly exemplary. It is a timeless story of a boy who lives alone atop a hill and has the job of collecting bottles that comes to the shore of the sea, read the message in it and deliver it to the recipient.  Once he opened a message which had no recipients name mentioned on it. Now it is his job to find out to whom that message belongs and deliver it.  When the mystery unravels he will be pleasantly surprised. Have a go and find it for yourself....

    A Squiggly Story


    This picture book from award-winning author Andrew Larsen is a great little example of how creative and imaginative a child or even and adult can get with just the little knowledge we possess. We could start off with few and build on it to rediscover ourselves and help learn better. In this story a young boy who hardly knows a few letters is very keen to write a story like her sister. The sister encourages him to start off with a letter and build a word then a sentence and weave a beautiful story all by himself. A fascinating journey of a boy in his story telling journey. 

    The Bill And The Cat Story


    This amazing book written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Author, Berkeley Breathed and is hailed as one of the bestsellers of the year by NY times. After having a successful story telling span for close to a decade, Berkeley Breathed, couldn't find it exciting anymore. Now he is back after 25 long years with this exciting new book for young readers. But we are sure it want disappoint older reading enthusiasts as well. The "Bloom County" has returned with great more humour and every bit as zealous as it was in the strip's heyday. If anyone who ever wanted to know the origin story of Bill the Cat, this is the book to read. "Bloom County" has never been more fun!

    Hey, That's My Monster


    This is an irresistible monster-under-the-bed story with the perfect balance of giggles and shivers. Amanda Noll has done a fantastic job in keeping the fun element alive while narrating a monster story. Ethan and his monster Gabe who lives under his bed are used to living together. One day he finds a note from Gabe under his bed that he is leaving Ethan to go to someone else who needs him more than Ethan. He imagines that Gabe must have gone to his sister's room as she would always climb down the bed to play with him every night. Just as when he starts to think that he would lose his monster forever, a tiny little monster appears!!! Read the book to find out more......

    Before Morning


    A great book with beautiful effect, coupled by attractive illustrations and use of beautiful words. Joyce Sidman has a simple and heartfelt way of expressing human emotions at its best. Everyone reading this book can relate to it, be it working parent missing children, be it a loving family living away due to work commitments. Every emotion that comes out is just so beautifully expressed that you fall in love with it. If you happen to read this story to your kid you would definitely wish that it snows outside and you could stay home with your loved ones. You don't need to be a librarian or a book keeper to own this great piece of literature. Go grab one soon to experience it.

    Stick Man


    With the backdrop of Christmas the author,Julia Donaldson, neatly weaves a story of a stick man who lives in a family tree with his lady love and stick children three. One unfortunate day the stick man is been carried away from his family by a notorious dog who wanted to play. The situation gets worst when the dog runs farther away from where the stick man lived and the only wish he had this Christmas is to return home to his family. What are his thoughts in this difficult situation? How did he help father christmas? Did he manage to return to his family? All these questions will unfold in this marvellous and interesting story. This book is a new offering from the makers of Room on the Broom and is perfect to read it to the kids at bed time. 

    The Darkest Dark


    An inspiring book written by real life astronaut Chris Hadfield, encourages the children to dream and to be determined to achieve it by daring the fears they have. Chris loves rockets, planets, stars etc and would like to explore the space. But the problem is that he is scared of the dark. But when he realises that space is the darkest of all but is still exciting and beautiful, he thinks of overcoming his fear and go into the dark with his beautiful dreams to his company.

    The Big Book Of Trains


    A perfect gift for someone who love trains i guess! The author has packed information about trains and its history in such an interesting way that the kid would not even realise that he is being educated. It is fun while you learn. Beautiful images of various kinds of trains from around the world. The various types of trains like steam trains and diesel trains have been illustrated wonderfully. It also explains various tasks a train can do and how it is build. A fun book with a difference. Enjoy reading it.... 

    Heroes For My Daughter and Heroes For My Son


    These two books are written NY times best selling author Brad Meltzer. These books were written as a inspiration he received when he had his son and daughter. In order to read this book you don't need to be a child. It is perfect for children, parents, teachers and for each one of us who would like to be inspired. It clearly demonstrates with examples and quotes from many prominent people the potential each one of us have within us to change the world. All of us are busy complaining about the things around us and don't bother to bring in any change. We can guarantee that after reading this book your mindset will change forever.

    The Storybook Knight


    This amazing book written by Helen Docherty is an example to each one of us to resolve the conflicts between us with having to argue or fight. In this story, Leo a kind Knight, loves to stay in peace and read books while others fight and play. One day his parents send him off to fight a dragon who is troubling everyone. On the way he encounters griffin and troll and finally the dragon he is suppose to face. But instead of fighting them, he offers them to read a wonderful story and win them over. He returns home victorious to read another book in peace. A perfect calming story for a child who is finding its hold in this world. 

    The Berenstain Bears Classic Collection


    A perfect gift for your child to whom you are teaching kindness. This classic collection has 10 books and helps your child understand why it is important to be kind, no matter how others are treating you. Though this book is preaching a lot, it still holds the interest of the child whilst holding the moral high. A must read for all kids.

    Even Superheroes Have Bad Days


    This book is bursting with emotions, an action packed drama and a strong lesson at the end. A great piece of message wound around human emotions by Shelly Becker, is a book not to be missed. All of us are well behaved when we have everything going our way.  But what happens when you have a bad day? Do you scream, throw tantrums, thrash up things around you ? Not really. The books assures the child that it is a superhero and it is perfectly alright to have a bad day and  how to deal with the negative emotions like anger, frustration, sadness etc. A great read for young and old.....

    We really hope you liked our best list for toddlers and young readers. Please feel free to leave us a comment on the editorial or anything that you would like us to write about in the future or even if you just want to say hi 🙂