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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Your Kid a Trampoline

By Lisa Hayden / September 27, 2020

Trampolines can be controversial toys for many parents. Although kids find them a lot of fun, you can't help worrying about them getting hurt. The fact that you worry is a good thing. It's the first step to ensuring that your children use their trampoline safely. Childhood is full of potential dangers, from climbing trees to riding bicycles. But there are reasons to buy your kid a trampoline. By recognising what could go wrong, we can mitigate the risks. When they ride a bike, they can wear a helmet and protection on their elbows and knees. When they bounce on a trampoline, netting, padding and supervision keep them safe.

Trampoline accidents are less common than they used to be. Just choose the right trampoline for your kids' age. This is thanks to improved safety and awareness. So parents and their kids can focus more on the fun and the other benefits of jumping on a trampoline. They're excellent toys to have outside, or inside if you choose a smaller one. Whether you have an only child or multiple children, they can spend hours entertaining themselves on a trampoline. That's as long as they can share nicely, of course! There are more reasons to buy a trampoline for your kid than the fact that they're fun. You might be unsure about whether it's the right choice for your family. If so, have a look at some of the top reasons you should take the plunge.


Keeping fit is one of the main reasons you should buy a trampoline for your kid. Child obesity has risen in recent years, due to sedentary lifestyles and poor diets. Many parents are keen to encourage their children to be more active. However, many kids aren't so enthusiastic about having to do structured physical activity! Trampolining is an amazing way for kids to get fit because it doesn't feel like exercise. They're just bouncing up and down on their trampoline, not going for a run or playing a team sport. If your kids aren't the greatest fans of gym class, a trampoline is a fun option for getting fit. It gives them an excellent cardio workout and improves their strength, balance, and coordination.

What's more, trampolining is great for adults too. If you buy a trampoline that will hold adults, you can sneak onto it whenever your children aren't using it. You can find many trampoline exercises for adults to help you get fit. It will give you all the same benefits that your kids receive from bouncing. You can get a rigorous cardio workout and work on your whole body. In fact, according to NASA, just 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to 30 minutes running. So if you're short on time, you can get in a proper workout within just a few moments in the morning or evening. There's much more you can do than just jumping around so that you tone your whole body.

Confidence Building

Getting on a trampoline for the first time can be a bit scary for some children. It's fun as they begin to bounce but can get a bit nerve-wracking when they start to go higher. One of the great things about owning a trampoline is that it can help your kids become more confident. They can build their skills and learn about the amazing things their body can do. They might start off unsure about using the trampoline. Perhaps they won't feel very physically capable. But after a few months, they might be doing tricks. They'll be telling everyone about their skills on the trampoline.

Being more confident on the trampoline could help your child be confident in other areas of life. They can feel more capable with other physical activities. These could range from everyday sports like swimming to doing something more extreme. They could feel more comfortable trying new things, whether it's zooming down a zipline or learning to surf.

Plus, they can build their confidence outside of physical activity too. Feeling capable with trampolining can encourage them to believe they can do other things. If they're great at bouncing, maybe they can also be good at playing an instrument or giving a speech. These are skills they can take into their teenage years and then into adulthood. You could be helping to set them up with the confidence they need for a successful life. And it could all come from bouncing!

New Ways to Play

Some kids can get bored easily. Even with lots of toys and a great imagination, they can end up playing the same games again and again. A trampoline gives them a whole new range of ways to play, either alone or with each other. Of course, there's just bouncing up and down, which can provide hours of entertainment. But a little imagination can result in lots of trampoline games. It's easy for your kids to have fun and stay safe. You just need to make sure they aren't playing anything dangerous. They can use the trampoline alone or bring some balls or other toys into their games. For example, they could put balls or other toys on the trampoline. Everyone has to run or bounce around and avoid touching them.

As well as providing new ways to play for your kids, a trampoline allows you to play with them too. As long as you buy a trampoline that can hold enough weight, you can get on the trampoline with them. Most decently sized trampolines can hold several children at once. So you should have no trouble getting on with your kid. Maybe you want to use the trampoline but struggle to find the time when your child isn't on it. So just make use of their bouncing time to ensure you get a turn. You can get fit and have fun while engaging with your kid. If you want to encourage your children to get off their butts, it's only fair that you should too. It's an excellent way to bond, joining in with the games your kids play instead of just watching them. And, of course, it's lots of fun.

Fresh Air

Getting your kids outside can sometimes be a struggle. There are so many things they enjoy doing inside that are a lot less effort than being active. Watching TV or playing video games means not having to move from the sofa. Plus, you never have to worry about the weather inside. Outside, you have to put up with rain, snow, and more. A trampoline is a great way to get your kids to want to spend more time outside. If they want to use a large trampoline, it will be too big to be an indoor toy. As they bounce, they'll be enjoying the fresh air and their surroundings.

There are many different games they can play. You can even get trampoline attachments like basketball hoops. Even better than that, a trampoline can be turned into an amazing place for a sleepover. On a warm night, they can sleep out under the stars and enjoy the comfortable bed of the trampoline. You can even get a trampoline tent to cover the top of the safety netting. You have the option to buy a ready-made one or try to make your own. The trampoline could be the basis for a sleep-out, with a tent inside the netting or a cover on top. You already have somewhere to sleep. So now you can light a fire, have marshmallows and tell ghost stories.


Of course, there's one primary reason why anyone should buy a trampoline for their kid. It's tonnes of fun! Bouncing brings joy to any child and can help to cheer them up when they're down. Whether they're feeling sad or bored, a good bounce can have them shrieking with happiness in no time. Most children have a lot of energy, but they don't all get the opportunity to burn it off. You'll find that there your kid sleeps well after an active bounce on their trampoline!

A decent trampoline gives them a safe place to play, where they can bounce up and down without having to worry. Protective padding covers the springs and safety netting stops them bouncing over the edge. They can concentrate on having fun without either you or them having to worry about getting hurt. Children can be naturally inclined to jump about. They'll often seek out a bed or other bouncy surface to do it on. A trampoline allows them to have their fun without damaging your furniture and keeps them safe.

A trampoline is fun for all ages, so it's not just a childhood investment. Even if your kids stop using it, you can continue to make use of it as exercise equipment. You'll get years of fun out of it for both kids and adults. Toddlers can improve their coordination, older children can play games and perform tricks, and parents can stay in shape.

A trampoline is a wise investment for any family. It's not just a purchase you make for your children, but one that's for you too.

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