Top Tips for Travelling with a Baby

    By Lisa Hayden / February 6, 2024
    travelling with a baby

    Top Tips for Travelling with a Baby

    Many parents wouldn’t want to go anywhere except home with their new baby. Babies need a lot of attention and feeds, thus making long distance travel and going on holiday difficult to handle. And you could be feeling tired too. But enjoyable travel is possible with a baby- infant or a toddler.

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    Top tips for traveling with your baby

    Do you ever think that taking a vacation with your baby along with you would be simple? Why not venture on road trips or beach getaways or cruises with kids and get to know how great family travel can be! But you must know that vacations with a baby now will not be what they were pre-baby. There are so many tips on how to get there, you may not find much on what to do and how to pack. A few smooth and easy tricks can save some of your family's trips while travelling with baby.

    You would be surprised but our young travelers need a whole lot of stuff! We’ve put up a few things together that we hope will make traveling much easier, followed by tips for efficient packing.

    What to Pack Before You Travel with Baby

    While travel will not be the same for you, it has its upside as well. You’ll soon find out that the world is a welcoming place than you ever knew. There can be no simple way to find and make new friends with people than with a baby with you. And if can create a home away from home for your baby wherever possible — it could become a journey you will all enjoy.

    Tips for Travelling with a Baby

    Headed out for a vacation with the baby and wondering how to travel with a baby? Here are some strategies and some vacation tips that we have put together for making your travel with children a success.

    • Begin your preparation to pack a couple of days in advance your intended travel. Have a handy list of things to pack, or lay them out on a bed or a table as and when they cross your mind
    • Be prepared for a situation where the diapers could leak - it’ll be wise to pack an extra pair for the baby and yourself
    • One way to prevent leaks is to pack medicines and other make up items in plastic bags
    • Carry your camera, battery charger, and an extra memory card
    • Pack all baby items separately in a bag of their own so it’s easy to locate them
    • Here’s a great tip- using a clip-on light to read that’ll not disturb the baby while you read
    tips for travelling with a baby

    Air Travel with an Infant

    Are you stressing over the thought of travelling with an infant in air? Don’t! Most parents begin air travel starting at ten weeks old. Let’s help you out with the reality of the flights. They won’t always be easy or vomit-free, but you won’t regret any of them. And here’s some relief- it does get easier as they get older.

    Pack smart - Don’t over pack but at the same time don’t miss out on basics or absolutely must-have stuff! Try allotting a diaper for every hour of travel time. Babies could also have pain in their ears from cabin pressure; to avoid it, use a pacifier or bottle while takeoff and descent

    Arrive early - it would be a good idea to allow yourself extra time to get to your gate, especially when you have an infant

    Dressing your baby in layers would help a great deal and you can take them off or keep them based on the weather

    If the baby is awake, take them for a walk up and down the plane so they get a chance to look about and relax. If they become distressed later, a walk about may completely change the mood

    Don’t feel shy or awkward to ask for help from your partner, the cabin crew, or any other passengers when you need it

    Infant Beach Gear

    If you’re headed to the beach, why leave your baby behind? A beach day is a beautiful thing. And should it now be altered by your little one's presence? You’ll probably track your baby like a hawk, making sure they don’t get sun- burned or eat a gallon of sand, or crawl away to play with the dolphins. Nevertheless, the beach can still be a blast and who knows, maybe even more fun than ever.

    • Babies need sun protection all the time. Babies that are six months and below should be kept out of the direct sun, either in their buggy or a UV tent
    • Toddlers would move around independently and it would be task to keep them under shade. Ensure they have the sunscreen on along with a top that’s lightweight providing an extra layer of sun protection. You could also get them a UV suit. And not to forget that sun hat.
    • For footwear consider beach shoes for your baby. These do great while protecting the feet from the heat in the sand as well as any sharp rocks or stones
    travelling with a baby roadtrip

    Road Trip with a Baby

    How can you possible make the trip enjoyable with a baby along? Get out there and enjoy your journey- A happy baby makes a happy trip!

    • Plan and Prepare Well - You’ll need to relax, calm down and plan the trip well in advance to ensure you’re not missing out on anything. Babies have their own gear. Be organized!
    • Safety - Rules could change, so make sure the baby’s car seat meets all the safety requirements and regulations.
    • Keep important stuff out of the trunk and with you - Put away all the bulky stuff in the trunk like the stroller and keep with you the essentials for travel - like toys, pacifiers, snacks bottles, sippy cups and the like. Make sure to keep what you need handy as well (like snacks and drinks!)
    • Pack in loads of patience - The goal of taking a road trip is to have some fun and chill time with your family. But for babies, extended hours in a car seat could be an extremely stressful ordeal. This means you need to take frequent breaks along the way, or maybe a longer trip that has an overnight stop- this saves you some time and also gives your baby some respite that much sooner

    Now that we’re prepped with tips, let’s also look at some easy travel products and ideas that will help get you and the kids through a long flight.

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    Travelling Crib Bag

    This is a changing bag, a changing station and a carry cot all put together in one! These new models will take up lesser space than a hotel crib, could be much safer than your relative's hand-me-down, and may have uses back home as well! The lightweight and clever design of the travel crib is perfect for your small and great adventures. This is ideal to carry all your baby’s stuff- for the baby to sleep in and for changing the baby.

    Best Toddler Travel Beds

    Wonder no more where to put your toddler to sleep while you bring them along on your travels! Although you could book hotel rooms with enough beds for everyone, this would be an expensive option- to travel with your own portable toddler bed. It saves money and gives you more choices when you are booking accommodation.

    • Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed - makes a great play area and couch
    • The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed - has a portable inflatable air mattress bed
    • Intex Kidz Travel Bed - comes with a hand pump and is compact and perfect for travel

    Best Travel Snacks

    Whatever is your mode of travel- plane, train or the automobile, these simple and healthy snacks are easy to store and carry, plus they’re packed with healthy nutrients and tempting even for those picky eaters.

    • Granola Bars- High fibre and low in sugar
    • Whole Wheat Wraps- filling and finger-friendly
    • Plain pasta- Not messy and no utensils required!
    • Dried fruit
    • Homemade Trail Mix
    • Rice cakes
    • Cheese fingers


    Now, don’t stress but go and enjoy! Throw away all the old ideas about what a trip has to be and go ahead, cling to the new idea that is travelling with a baby. Regard the entire baby gear and baby carrying around as a vacation exercise. And then you’ll relish going back home to your mundane life all the more! Life is a journey and make the most of it, don’t let “I have a kid now” get in your way of getting all that life has to offer! You wouldn’t want to look back and think “If only I would..!”