Best Eye Liner Pencil Buying Guide

    By Lisa Hayden / February 15, 2021
    Best Eye Liner Pencil Buying Guide

    Best Eye Liner Pencil Buying Guide

    Ever wondered what prompted our ancestors to start wearing makeup? Like maybe they just woke up one day and thought, “hmm, I think I’ll put some ink around my eyes today, just for the heck of it.” History will show us that makeups have been in use since the ancient times. The most prominent civilization to get involved with cosmetics are the egyptians. They were great believers of the Evil Eye. The evil eye is a curse cast upon an unknowing person by a malicious stare. It brings about misfortune and injury. People from that time believed painting on their faces will protect them from the Evil Eye. Painting on their faces, they believed, will hide them from the evil eye since the paint acts as a mask.

    These days makeups are still worn, but for very different reasons. As time went on, people began recognizing the fact that painting on their faces enhanced their appearances. The perfect example of a tool for protection which got turned into a tool for beautification is the eyeliner.

    What is an eyeliner?​

    An eyeliner is a highly pigmented cosmetic product. It is used to draw attention to the eyes. Eyeliners are applied around the contour of the eyes to give them definition. They make the eyes appear larger or smaller, depending on where and how you apply them. They add depth and drama to your look. By framing your eyes, which are the windows to your soul, eyeliners help you express your mood and style.

    Eyeliners could be worn in a number of different ways. The effects vary and depend on the type of eyeliners used and how the strokes were made.​

    What are the types of eyeliner?

    Eyeliners actually come in various forms, each with its own drawbacks and features. They differ in their modes of application, as well as the kind of effects and finishes that they provide. We’ll talk more about pencil eyeliners in a bit, but first let’s give you a little background with the other types of eyeliners including liquid, gel and powder eyeliners.

    Liquid eyeliners are composed of highly pigmented formulations, which are usually long-lasting. They usually come in a tube with felt tip or brush applicators. Being that liquid eyeliners are thin in consistency, they are actually the hardest to apply. However, they are also the most rewarding. Liquid eyeliners are used to apply very precise and intricate lines. If you want the perfect winged eye, liquid eyeliner is the way to go. Liquid types evade the much dreaded raccoon eyes since most liquid eyeliners are smudge-free and waterproof once dried.​

    Best Eye Liner Pencil 1

    Similar to liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners offer crisp and precise lines, except they are thicker in their formulation. This thicker formulation enables them to have the application ease, similar to that of pencil eyeliners. Though this would also mean it will take longer for them to completely dry. On the brighter side, you get more time to correct mistakes. Once dried, they are also smudge proof and are usually long lasting. They are also applied using applicator brushes.

    Powder eyeliners provide a blurry, soft effect instead of the crisp, fine lines that liquid and gel eyeliners offer. They are applied using a flat, thin applicator brush. Unlike the other types of eyeliners, powder eyeliners don’t last long and will need more retouches. It is interesting to note that eye shadows are also commonly used as eyeliners.​

    All About Pencil Eyeliners

    Pencil eyeliners look pretty much like your ordinary pencils, except ordinary pencils contain lead in its wooden case while pencil eyeliners are actually highly pigmented waxy sticks encased in wood. An easy favorite, pencil eyeliners are the most picked up type of eyeliners. Even by men. Wait, what? Yes, even men have started wearing eyeliners ever since the music industry introduced us to the likes of Pete Wentz.

    It is a favorite among makeup users who are new to the game. This is primarily due to its ease of application. Maneuvering it doesn’t take much getting used to. After all, we’ve been taught at a very young age how to hold and use pencils. Maneuvering an eye pencil is not much different. It is a favorite even among learned makeup users. Their affordability and versatility are the top two reasons why. Pencil eyeliners come in a wide array of colors to choose from. It is always fun and exciting to experiment, especially when they are so affordable.​

    Pencil eyeliners may be soft or firm. Soft pencil eyeliners are easy on the eyes. They glide smoothly on the lids. They are usually thicker sticks which smudge easily. This smudging property is used to create the smoky and blurry effect. Firm pencil eyeliners give a little tug when applied on the lids, but a good firm pencil eyeliner should not be that hard to apply. These eye pencils give crisper and well-defined lines.​

    There are three common forms of eyeliners and these include traditional pencil eyeliners (which require sharpeners), auto-propel, and twist-up.

    We are here today to talk all about pencil eyeliners. This is a guideline on how to choose the perfect eye pencil. Being the most common kind of eyeliner, the choices for pencil eyeliners are countless. It is easy to lose one’s cool and go berserk over choosing which brand to get. This short and easy to use guideline will attempt to help you out in that department.​

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    When is a pencil eyeliner appropriate?

    Why choose a pencil eyeliner over the other types of eyeliners? It is easy to use. It is not as expensive as the other types of eyeliners. It is very portable. It works. Pencil eyeliners are for people who like touch ups even when they are on the go. They are also perfect for beginners. Pencil eyeliners should be your choice if you are feeling adventurous and dramatic. They are good for your everyday office use, and equally reliable during fabulous evening events. Basically, pencil eyeliners know no boundaries. Anyone can wear pencil eyeliners.

    How to choose the best pencil eyeliner:

    ● Choose a shade.

    Have we mentioned how versatile pencil eyeliners are when it comes to color? The thing about pencil eyeliners is that they have a variety of colors available. You can have fun experimenting on which shades work for you. Gone are the days when black is the only choice, though we firmly believe that black will never lose the seriously sexy appeal it brings with it. For softer looks, you can try working with plum, brown and gray. Neutral colors are always recommended for daily use due to their safe hues, which are perfect for office use. Evening events would call for more dramatic effects. This is where violet and blue shades come in. Have you ever seen a white eyeliner and wondered what it is really for? By applying white eyeliners along the lower lids, the eyes appear more open and wider. Here is a guide for complementary shades:

    • dark brown eyes: shades of deep brown, navy blue or black
    • amber and light brown eyes: shades of green, plum and dark blue
    • blue eyes: shades of bronze
    • green eyes: shades of purple and violet

    ● Know what finish you prefer.

    Are you looking for an everyday eyeliner or are you in the market for something sparkly for an evening event? The type of finish to get should depend on where you intend to use the eyeliner. Eyeliners with matte finishes will do for daily use. They are perfect when subtle is what you are pegging for. If you are set to be going out for some evening event, where you would like to garner much attention, wow them with fabulous eyes finished with shimmery effects.

    ● Decide if you need the pencil eyeliner to be long-lasting.

    Generally, pencil eyeliners wear off easily but there are products out there that offer longevity. There are brands that even promise to last up to 24 hours. But ask yourself, do you really need the eyeliner to stay on your eyes that long? Depending on your circumstances, you might not need a long lasting effect to that extreme. You may settle for pencil eyeliners that offer less longevity for less bucks.

    ● Do you want a pencil eyeliner that’s waterproof and smudge-free?

    If you want crisp, well-defined lines, then yes, one smudge free eye pencil for this lovely lady right here. Firm pencil eyeliners are the way to go. There are some effects that are best pulled off with a smudgy eyeliners. Such an effect would be the smoky eye effect. In these instances, you would want an eyeliner that can be smudged easily. Soft pencil eyeliners are your perfect tools. If you plan on getting wet or you are scheduled to do some heavy crying but you still don’t want those raccoon eyes, then yes, you would definitely want to get your hands on some pencil eyeliners with serious waterproofing properties. What’s more is that Waterproof eyeliners are usually long-lasting owing to their formulations. You are basically choosing longevity when you choose waterproof pencil eyeliners.

    ● Choose a pencil eyeliner which has eye-friendly formulation.

    One of the top concerns when choosing an eyeliner is its safety for the eyes. Choose an eyeliner without unnecessary ingredients and fragrance that may cause irritation to your eyes. A well-formulated pencil eyeliner won’t tug on the skin. Good pencil eyeliners should glide on smoothly, thus, becoming gentle to your sensitive skin.

    Best Eye Liner Pencil

    ● Read up on top-rated pencil eyeliners.

    Do your research. These are your eyes we are talking about, after all. Reviews on several different brands of pencil eyeliners are readily available online. Read consumer reviews, which give detailed accounts why they love or hate a certain brand. Find out which brands are highly recommended so you could narrow down your choices to the best of the best.

    ● Set a reasonable budget.

    With pencil eyeliners, it is really easy to ignore setting a budget since they are so affordable. But even then, be sure to get your money’s worth. They may be cheap, but will they actually be able to fulfill their purpose? Don’t be a cheapskate. Don’t overspend either. Get value for your money by researching and comparing brands.

    Points to remember:

    • Get it right by tight lining your water lines. Nailing this one will certainly make you look like a makeup expert who knows what she’s doing. Plus, really, it just looks better tight lined. Seeing a strip of flesh in between those beautifully drawn lines is a major turn off.
    • Use it only to yourself. For health and hygienic purposes, you should not share your pencil eyeliner. Don’t share something that you stick in your eyes with others so that they could stick it into theirs.
    • Practice makes perfect stunning eyes. Any person can use eyeliners. Not everyone gets away without looking like a racoon. Practice your strokes and maneuvering so you could perfectly line those lids.
    • Pair your eyeliners with a good sharpener. Pencil eyeliners are only as good if they are sharpened in a satisfactory way. Get a good pencil eyeliner sharpener that can give you your desired thickness.
    • Practice CLAYGO. CLean As You GO. At the end of the day, be sure to properly remove your eyeliners with a suitable makeup remover. Be kind to your eyes.
    • Some want it cold. Sometimes, it might be necessary to freeze your pencils before using them. This is usually true for soft pencil eyeliners. Freezing them will help them maintain their consistency during application.
    Best Eye Liner Pencil Buying Guide

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