Best Eye Shadow Palette Buying Guide

By Lisa Hayden / September 11, 2019
Best Eye Shadow Palette Buying Guide

Best Eye Shadow Palette Buying Guide

How many times have you gone through an aisle of cosmetics without stopping to checking out a few collections of eye shadows? We are guessing not too many. Eye shadows draw us in, like magic.

What are eye shadows for?

While eyeliners and mascaras serve to define the eyes, eye shadows are the bringers of character. Eye shadows are cosmetic products applied on the lids of the eyes to bring attention to the eyes. The main goal is to appear attractive. Eye shadows are meant to bring life to the eyes by making the eyes stand out, especially when applied in a shade that complements one’s eye color. Aside from imparting depth and dimension, eye shadows can also serve to make them appear larger, thus giving women the much desired doe-eyed appearance.

Wearing cosmetics on the face has been in practice longer than you might think. As early as the ancient times in Egypt, people have been using kohl to paint their faces. You might be interested to know that the primary reason for wearing colors on the face wasn’t for beauty purposes. It was for protection. They wore dark lines along the eyes as if to mask their faces. It was believed that masking their faces would protect them for the “evil eye”, which is a curse cast by a malicious stare given to an unaware person. The curse is said to bring misfortune or injury.

These days makeup is worn to improve one’s appearance, and eye shadows are one of the front runners in the business of cosmetics.

Women who are experts in the game of face painting know that one eye shadow shade is not enough. We want options. As we have said, eye shadows bring character to our eyes. They set our mood for the day. As women, we are naturally playful and we love to experiment. We are moody. No matter how much we do not want to admit it, we are moody. We could be sweet and reserved one day, bold and loud on another. We usually project our moods through our wardrobe, the way we wear our hair, and our makeup. So just as we have tons of clothes in the closet and an absurd number of shoes to last us a lifetime, we want a number of options for our eye shadows. Hence, the birth of eye shadow palettes.​

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Why do they come in palettes?

Eye shadow palettes are for cosmetics users who want plenty of eye shadow options. But with numerous eye shadow palettes available in the market, how do you choose which to take home? Surely, you can’t purchase them all. Well, maybe you could, but that wouldn’t be too practical. We here at ParentsNeed HQ are here to help you decide the best eye shadow palette to buy for yourself. We will discuss with you what the types of eye shadows are and what instances are they ideal for. We will also ask you a series of questions to help you, yourself, discover what your preferences are. Here we go!

What are the things you should consider when buying eye shadow palettes?

In no particular order, we present you some of the things to consider, and think about when purchasing your eye shadow palette.

What form of eye shadow would you prefer?

Eye shadows may come in many different forms. We have gathered information about the general types so that you may familiarize yourself with them. Remember, though, that there is no right or wrong type for you. It will take some time before you find the perfect fit. You just have to find which type of eye shadow you are most comfortable and compatible with.

Powder eye shadows​

Powder eye shadows are the most common type of eye shadows out in the market. They are available in pressed forms, usually into tins. They are the most popular type of eye shadow among makeup beginners, and this is for a good measure. Powder eye shadows are very easy to apply. They may be applied using an applicator brush or sponge. They blend easily, and coverage is easy to build. Powder eye shadows are best for all types of application.

Mineral powder eye shadows

Mineral powder eye shadows are loose pigmented formulations. They are best applied using a kabuki brush or any non-static applicator brush. Mineral powders may be used for highlighting or for solid coverage. Like powder eye shadows, they are ideal for all types of application, at any time of day or night.

Cream eye shadows

Cream eye shadows have very thick textures. Owing to their heavy formulation, these type of eye shadows usually have a long-lasting coverage. Though this would also mean you would need a special makeup remover to completely wipe them off your face. Cream eye shadows may be applied using a clean finger, a sponge or an applicator brush. They usually come in bolder and more solid colors than your usual powder eye shadows. Just a little tip, cream eye shadows may also be used a eyeliners!

Pencil eye shadows

Pencil eye shadows are pigmented formulations encased in a wooden stick, much like your typical pencil eyeliners. The only obvious difference is that pencil eye shadows have thicker tips. Pencil eye shadows are very portable. They are easy to store and application is very easy. Pencil eye shadows are easy to maneuver since most people are used to manipulating pencils. You usually will not need any applicator sponge or brush except for when you want to smudge them to blend in. Even then, you could easily use a clean finger to do this. They are perfect for on the go touch ups. Like cream eye shadows, pencil eye shadows offer a long-lasting coverage.

Liquid eye shadows

Liquid eye shadows are usually reserved for makeup professionals as they can be very difficult to apply. They are applied by using an applicator brush; they are applied as if one is painting, with the eyelid as the canvass. The main use of liquid eye shadow is to accent the edge of the lids with strong colors. They are also used to paint on base colors, on which further blending and accentuation may be done. They are rarely found in palettes. Owing to their nature, liquid eye shadows are not portable.

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What shades will go along well with your style?

The first thing to consider here is your skin tone. Will the shade complement your skin tone? Another equally important matter is the color of your eyes. It is best to avoid eye shadow shades that exactly match your eyes. Instead, opt for a shade that contrasts your eye color to make your eyes stand out. Now that we are in the subject of matching and compatibility, please take your wardrobe into consideration as well. The shades of the eyeshadow that you will purchase need to match majority of your outfits so that you may confidently and comfortably wear your makeup. Allow us to provide you with general color combinations that have been tried and tested to match perfectly.

Blue colored eyes​

To stay true to our earlier advice, people with blue eye will do well to avoid blue eye shadow. Instead, go for eye shadows with the shade of brown, taupe, and coral. If you’re feeling more feminine, pink or light rose colored eye shadows go together beautifully with blue eyes as well.

Brown colored eyes​

Brown colored eyes pop and stand out beautifully when eye shadows with green or pinks shades are used. Gold eye shadows work best for brown eyes with yellow flecks.

Green colored eyes​

Beautiful green eyes look even more outstanding when purple or lavender shaded eye shadows are applied. For a bolder look, you may experiment with gold toned eye shadows.

Hazel colored eyes​

Eye shadows that look good with hazel colored eyes include purple, lavender, gold, and even brown. Gray and blue colored eye shadows may also serve to make hazel colored eyes pop by accentuating the colored flecks.

What type of finish do you prefer?

A good eye shadow palette should offer you various finishes in one palette to save you the trouble of getting one too many palettes. Though that would qualify as a privilege, really. Different finishes are available for your different moods. Choose a silky and matte finish for your everyday use at the office. Use the shimmery and glittery eyeshadows for a fun night out with the girls.

How versatile do you want your color choices to be?

Again, the main goal of eye shadow palettes is to provide you as much color options as it can. Most eye shadow palettes, especially the high end ones, provide a variety of colors on one palette that is generally fool-proof. A good eye shadow palette should have color combinations that are well coordinated. In some cases however, brands issue out palettes that contain their best selling eye shadow shades, regardless of whether they coordinate well together. These type of eye shadow palettes are exactly what adventurous and experimental women should get. Through this type of eye shadow palettes, you will be able to change your look on a day to day basis.

Do you need your eye shadow to be long-lasting?

For a steeper price, you may get a set of eye shadows that is long-lasting. This is especially useful during long-hour events or night parties. If you are looking for an everyday wear for your regular hours at the office, however, you really don’t need long-lasting eye shadows. Save your money and save yourself the trouble of having to completely remove long-lasting eye shadows with special makeup removers every single time.

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Do you need your eye shadow palette to be compact?

For some people, size matters. This is important for when you are looking for something to take with you when you are on the go. Some palettes can contain as much as 20 different shades. These palettes will look ridiculously large in your purse. Choose a more compact eye shadow palette. They are more portable practical.

Is it within your budget?

We all know cosmetics are pretty expensive, and if we don’t watch ourselves, we just might end up spending money we don’t have on cosmetic products we really don’t need. Set a working a budget with which you can work around. You want to look beautiful, yes. But you wouldn’t want to be broke doing it.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Do not forget to prime. Primers are used to prepare the eyelids for better blending in.
  • Primers also prevent the eye shadows from creasing and fading out.
  • Keep in mind that the shades you see online or even on the packaging may actually look different once applied. If you could drop by your local beauty store, try applying some of their testers on the insides of your wrist. This will help you see the actual shade of the eye shadow as applied.
  • If you have sensitive eyes, avoid scented eye shadows and look for products that have hypoallergenic formulations.
  • Remember to completely wash off your eye shadows at the end of the day. Our eyes are naturally more sensitive than the rest of the face. Incomplete washing of the face may only irritate the face and cause damage, instead of improving it.
  • Read recent consumer reviews and see what’s hot out in the market. Research which brands are top-rated eye shadow palettes. Keep up to date by reading product reviews.

Our Recommendation

Choosing the perfect eye shadow palette for yourself largely depends on your style and your willingness to experiment. If you are still unsure of which eye shadow palette to get, we are pleased to tell you about our Top 5 Best Eye Shadow Palettes. This is a compilation of our top picks among the hot commodities out in the market. We here at ParentsNeed HQ have gone on ahead and listed each product’s features and drawbacks to help you make an informed choice. Despite the difficulty of coming up with a top one, Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft and Sexy Eye Shadow Collection snagged our number one spot. Find out here why it became our number one choice.

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