Best Waterproof Mascara Buying Guide

    By Lisa Hayden / April 11, 2024
    Waterproof Mascara Buying Guide

    Best Waterproof Mascara Buying Guide

    Who doesn’t want defined eyes that pop? Eyes that are so dramatic that they do the talking, no words needed. Lashes so thick and luscious, traffic would stop if we bat our eyes. We all do.

    Now, here is where we talk about that little thing called Mascara. This wonder of a cosmetic can transform even the dullest of eyes into becoming eyes that are full of life and character. A mascara is one of the cosmetic products available in the market which is applied on the eyelashes to make our eyes appear bigger. It works by darkening, thickening, lengthening, or curling the eyelashes away from the eyes.

    There are two types of mascara. We have non water resistant mascaras and waterproof mascaras. Although both types can give us the defined eyes that we desire, non water resistant mascaras are notorious at giving women the dreaded raccoon eyes when what we are aiming for are doe eyes. Non waterproof mascaras smudge easily and run easily with water at the slightest hint of sweat, tears, or both. Non water resistant mascaras bleed. Waterproof mascara is the cure.

    Waterproof mascara is the ideal product to use when you’re expecting to get wet, sweaty or teary-eyed. It is the best kind of mascara to wear for events that could go on for hours. It will be your best friend when you attend your best friend’s wedding. You can cry all the happy tears that you want with no worries of looking like a mess.

    But haven’t you had enough of the mediocre mascaras out in the market that do not deliver even half of what they claim they can do? Are you now ready to take your quest to achieving Bette Davis’ eyes seriously? Then, It’s time to scout for some top notch mascara so you can get some eye action as soon as possible.​

    Shopping for waterproof mascaras could become confusing, what with the varying features each brand is offering. We are here to walk with you, every step of the way, until you have found the best waterproof mascara for yourself.

    Let’s look at your preferences and priorities. We have put together a list of things to consider that may help you explore your options.​

    What do you want your waterproof mascara to do?

    As mentioned earlier, a mascara has a number of mode of applications. Different types of mascara are available in the market. There are mascaras that focus on a single effect and there are products that combine different features. Most mascaras have lengthening features. These type add extra length to your lashes upon application. Commonly combined with this feature is the capability of the mascara to separate the eyelashes. This ensures that the lashes do not clump together.

    Best Waterproof Mascara Buying Guide

    Other brands thicken the eyelashes. This is particularly desirable for people with scarce eyelashes. Thickening mascaras add volume and, thus, provide the effect of luscious eyelashes. Choosing a type depends on the desired result that you would want for your eyes, and sometimes, on the inherent characteristic of your eyelashes as well. Say you already have thick lashes, you probably won’t need a volumizing mascara anymore; you can focus on adding length and curling your lashes, instead.

    What shade of waterproof mascara will compliment you?

    Mascaras come in different shades. The general rule is to parallel the color of your mascara with the shade of your hair. The most common shades of a mascara are black and brown. Therefore, if your hair is dark colored, black or blue mascaras are best for you. Brown or lighter shades of mascaras work well for lighter colored hair.

    Is the waterproof mascara user-friendly?

    We are not make up artists. At least most of us aren’t. You have to consider the ease of application of the mascara that you will eventually choose. The usual, and probably the only, mode of application of waterproof mascara is with the use of a brush. Choose a mascara that comes with a brush that would be easy to maneuver. Short stemmed brushes are recommended, especially for those who are new to the idea of mascaras. Brushes with short bristles are ideal for short lashes. They tend to be less messy and can effectively apply the mascara on the hard to reach lashes with more ease, as compared to brushes with long bristles.

    The consistency of the mascara also affects its ease of application. Waterproof mascaras are expected to be thick, especially when the formulation is oil-based. Thick mascaras are harder to apply and full coverage will take longer than mascaras that are composed of water-soluble ingredients. Mascaras with water-soluble ingredients are thinner, understandably.

    How long-lasting do you want your waterproof mascara to be?

    This depends on how long you intend to wear your mascara and how often you are willing to retouch, if you are willing at all. Most waterproof mascaras claim to be long-lasting as well. How long a mascara lasts depends on its formulation. If the mascara is water-soluble, chances are it won’t be as long-lasting and the waterproof feature won’t be as effective as you would expect it to be. Oil-based waterproof mascaras are expected to last you for the duration of whatever activity you are to participate in. Less re-application will be needed, or no retouching may be warranted, at all.

    Is the waterproof mascara easy to remove?

    Unfortunately, the more waterproof a mascara is, the harder for it to be washed off. Waterproof mascaras will require good makeup removers to be completely removed. If ease of removal is a main concern for you, there is still hope. There are waterproof mascaras that are easy to remove. These are the mascaras that are made of water-soluble components. Keep in mind, however, that choosing an easy to remove mascara may also mean a compromise with the waterproof capability.

    What goes in your waterproof mascara?

    This is important to know as this will also determine the type of substances you will be putting on your lashes. Our lashes happen to be, oh, so close to our precious eyes and we must be very protective of our eyes. Basic components of a mascara, whether non water resistant or water resistant, are oils, waxes and pigmentations. Black mascaras usually use carbon black as a source of pigmentation. On the other hand, brown mascaras uses compounds from iron oxide. Some of the commonly used oils include linseed oil, mineral oils, eucalyptus oil, lanolin, castor oil and sesame oil. As for waxes, carnauba wax, beeswax and paraffin wax may be commonly found in mascara formulations.

    Water-soluble mascaras contain thickening polymers like gum arabic, soft surfactants like triethanolamine stearate, preservatives, and are mainly based on water. Waterproof mascaras contain substances like isododecane, which is a volatile substance that rebuffs water. They contain very minimal water-sensitive compounds, which make them removable only by specially designed makeup removers.

    Applying Waterproof Mascara

    Mascaras may also contain rayon fibers or nylon, which renders the mascara capable of lengthening and curling the eyelashes. Stiffeners are also components of mascara formulations. Examples of which are gum tragacanth, ceresin and methylcellulose.

    Knowing the contents of the mascara that you are going to purchase will help you determine whether you might be allergic to some of the ingredients. Allergic reactions commonly associated with the use of mascara are stye, commoner still or swollen eyelids. Be on the lookout for signs of these allergic reactions for though we value beauty, we must first and foremost value our well-being.​

    Does size matter to you?

    Mascaras can come in a variety of sizes. Some come in a cute, compact size while others come in full blown sizes. Your choice will depend on the space in your bag you are willing to allocate for your mascara. Keep in mind though that the size you will pick may affect the type of brush your mascara will come with. Compact mascaras will naturally come with a smaller brush, while a larger mascara will provide a longer brush.

    Is the price of the waterproof mascara within your budget?

    Probably the most important consideration is whether your budget can accommodate the waterproof mascara that you will choose. The best way to determine the value for your money is to compare a number of products. Pick out the mascara that fits your requirements the most and sits comfortably with your budget allocation.

    Does the waterproof mascara come highly rated?

    Do your research and see which brands come highly recommended by other consumers. Read up on the pros and cons of each brand and determine which product will satisfy you the most. Fashion blogs and online magazines are readily available for your browsing pleasure. You will probably learn which brands have false claims and which brands deliver on what they promise. There are mascaras out in the market that are hardly waterproof even when their labels claim they are. Expect that they have reviews of which waterproof mascara are actually long-lasting, or which brand doesn’t bleed and clump those poor lashes together. 

    How to buy a waterproof mascara

    Once you have decided on which kind to get, try to go on a bunch of online shops and compare the prices. This will help you get better value for your money. For hygienic purposes, we really do not advise going to your local beauty store to actually try out their mascara testers on your own lashes. Remember that mascara brushes should be kept personal and should never be shared. The most you can do is to ask the mascara to be tested on your hand. Try to examine the consistency and shade. You may also take the opportunity to inspect the applicator wand and determine whether you would be able to easily maneuver it. Inspect the bristles as well and imagine if they would perform well in declumping your eyelashes.

    Final things to remember

    • Once you have purchased the best waterproof mascara for yourself, the best of results may not be immediately expected. It will take some practice before you get the hang of your new purchase. Practice applying the mascara until you are able to manipulate the applicator wand or brush with ease. Also, don’t give in to frustration if your eyelids end up with smudgy spots during application. That is perfectly normal. Even the best of us still need more skills in the maneuvering department. Practice, practice, practice.
    • Take proper care of the mascara product that you will choose. Follow the indicated storage conditions. Clean the brush regularly to maintain its integrity. Do not leave the tube with the cover off, as this may allow the volatile oils to escape. This may alter the mascara’s quality.
    • Remember to replace your mascara of choice every three months whether you have finished the whole tube or not. Take note to throw your existing mascara once found to have a pungent or strange smell. Harmful reactions may arise from use of mascaras that have gone bad. You want beautiful eyes, not infected ones.
    • Let’s be friends of the environment and dispose the tube and brush properly. We here at ParentsNeed HQ try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

    Mascaras have been around for ages, dating back as early as the ancient times in Egypt. Back then, it had been for religious purposes. Kohl is a substance that was used to darken the eyelashes and eyebrows. This attempt to mask eyes was done to protect the soul and ward off evil spirits. As it happens, the term mascara is believed to come from the Spanish word, máscara which means stain or mask, or from the Italian word maschera, which also translates to mask. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the mascara that we know today had been developed. It has gained a strong following since then. We think the mascara is here to stay and continue helping us ladies achieve that doe-like eyes that appear larger and more open. It’s time we learn to choose the best kind and take full advantage of this cosmetic wonder.

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