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    Baby Registry Checklist

    By Lisa Hayden / April 24, 2024
    Baby Registry Checklist

    Baby Registry Checklist

    Everyone knows that pregnancy can feel overwhelming. But, until you do it, most moms don’t realize how overwhelming it can be to just create your baby registry! How can one baby need so much stuff? After your first pregnancy, you’ll likely look back at your registry and realize that you didn’t need half the items you bought! If you want to avoid wasting all that time and money, use this baby registry checklist It can help you focus on the essentials and will likely save you some money in the process..

    Car Seats

    Chicco NextFit CS Convertible Car Seat

    A car seat is one of the biggest and most important purchases that you make for your baby. Car seat shopping can feel confusing because there are so many choices. The right car seat will fit your lifestyle, your car, and your budget.

    You have two options when it comes to picking a car seat. First is the infant seat, also known as the bucket, and second is the convertible seat. Both of these seats are rear facing, which is essential for a new baby. The difference between them is that the convertible seat will convert to forward facing seat when your child enters toddlerhood. Convertible seats are heavier and are more of a long-term investment. When choosing one make sure it is suitable for a new born and not just for a toddler. You will also have to purchase different convertible car seats for each vehicle, and they do not fit into stroller frames.

    A bucket seat is more lightweight, but as your child grows you will need to change it. You also have the benefit of bucket seats being portable, which can make things much easier for transportation of your baby. Often, buckets will fit onto some stroller frames. This is perfect if your baby has fallen asleep in the car, because you can you transfer the seat with the baby in it, rather than waking the baby to remove her from the car. This alone makes it the preferred choice for most new parents. A bucket seat can also be switched from vehicle to vehicle, with parents buying only new bases for the bucket seats versus buying multiple seats.

    The main thing to remember and decide is this. A convertible seat stays put in the car. Yes, it will last you a longer time. But you may have to purchase extra seats if your baby spends time with others. An infant seat will need to be replaced as your baby gets bigger. But it can offer the flexibility of using it with your stroller chassis and sharing it with loved ones who spend time with your baby.

    Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller


    For the first six months, if you bought an infant car seat, you will most likely use it along with the frame of your stroller, comprising a travel stroller system. Stroller frames tend to be lightweight and easy to use, which is great for tired new moms who are recovering from childbirth. You won’t even realize how heavy a stroller can be until you have tried to put it in the trunk of your car several times a day. Stroller frames fold away very simply and take up minimal space. They may not be the most beautiful thing to grace the sidewalk, but what they may lack in looks they make up for in practicality.

    How to Wear Your Baby


    Baby-wearing may seem like a new parenting craze, but in reality, it hasbeen around for centuries. A few generations ago, doctors counselled against “spoiling” babies with too much touch and attention, so babywearing fell out of favor. But nowadays, parents love the hands-free flexibility of babywearing. It can also soothe baby as he is so close to your skin, and they love the smell of mommy or daddy.

    When you have a newborn, babywearing may feel like the only way you can get things done, likegrocery shopping and running errands.

    There are many babywearing options to consider, but they fall into two main categories: soft wraps, and structured carriers. Each has its benefits

    Baby Rocker Chair Buying Guide 1

    Baby bouncers and swings

    At first, you may want to just and cuddle your little one all the time, but of course there will soon be a time where they will need to sit somewhere else and get a bit of stimulation. This is where baby bouncers and swings come in. They don’t need to be fancy; there are swings and bouncers for all different budgets. A bouncer is a little seat that bounces back and forth, providing a bit of motion that can be comforting. These seats tend only to get used in the first six months, so try not to spend too much money on them.

    You may want to consider a baby swing as well, if you have the space for both.. A swing can provide great stimulation and also help soothe a baby to sleep. Swings are often the only place a baby will nap. They are not portable, though, whereas you can bring a bouncer to different rooms or even different houses.

    Bouncers and swings are perfect for when you just need to get dressed in a morning or eat your breakfast. Remember that you will need to take moments for yourself where you can find them!

    baby bath time 1

    Bath time

    During those first few months, bath time can be lots of fun or else a low point of your day, based on whether or not your baby likes the water. Try to set yourself up for success with a newborn bathtub that supports the baby safely in the tub or even the sink. newborn bathtub will only work for the first few months, but you can also purchase tubs that work till baby is a year old.

    A baby towel isn’t essential, but most parents like them as they have a hood as well as longer sides to wrap around the baby. This ensures that baby is warm.

    An inexpensive baby wash/shampoo is fine. Don’t forget baby lotion, for massaging baby and for keeping her skin moist. There are also baby care kits that include nail clippers and nasal aspirators (or snot suckers). A baby thermometer is also essential; many parents prefer forehead thermometers.

    Top 5 Best Essential Gear for Sleeping

    Bedtime and sleep

    Many parents opt to have their baby in their bedroom during the first few months. This can make feeding and nursing easier. Options include portable bassinets and and co-sleepers. Bassinets are portable and can be used during the day for naptime as well. Many also have music and mobile. A co-sleeper is like a crib that hooks up to the side of the bed. There is no wall between you and the baby, which means. you can nurse or feed your baby without having to get up.

    You will also need sheets for the baby’s bassinet or co-sleeper, as well as a sleep sack for baby, as blankets are not advised in the early months.

    Once baby is in a crib, and not in your room anymore, you will likely want a baby monitor. While it can be very cute to see the baby in the monitor, an audio-only monitor is fine and less expensive.

    Baby Registry Checklist


    I don’t think any parent realises how many diapers you will go through. You have two options you can either go with a cloth diaper, where you wash the inserts or a disposable diaper. Both of which have their benefits.

    The main factors to consider would be cost, the environment (if that is important to you), how sensitive on the skin and also whether you have a boy or a girl. Boy’s tend to wet their diapers more frequently than girls.

    Is it important to breast feed


    Breastfeeding comes with its own supplies. You only need to start with one box of breast pads, as some women don’t leak at all and don’t need them. One tube of nipple cream is ample as well, as many moms don’t need it. A good nursing bra is an excellent investment, and a backup as well. If you’re pumping, you’ll need a high quality pump and bottles to pump into. A nursing pillow or Boppy can be helpful but it’s not essential.

    Formula feeding requires you to have bottles, a sterilizing kit, and a bottle brush. Most brands offer starter kits which include everything you would need.



    Most parents to be will love going shopping to buy little outfits. But fancy clothes generally are only magnets for spit-up. To get more bang for your buck, purchase some inexpensive cotton onesies, long- and short-sleeved, as well as pants and socks. Mittens are a personal preference; some parents choose them but many doctors recommend that babies’ hands be left free to explore their environment and self-soothe.

    Baby Registry Checklist


    During the early days, your baby won’t play with toys. But as they get a bit older, they will need some form of stimulation. This can be done with a playmat, stroller toys and stuffed animals. Older babies may really enjoy a jumperoo, which are excellent for wearing a baby out and using up all that energy.

    You don’t need to go overboard with toys, though.. Babies will take pleasure in pretty much anything, from a wooden spoon to your car keys.

    The forgotten bits

    Lastly, you will need a diaper bag to put all your baby's things in. These can be as costly or as reasonably priced as you want, but they are necessary for changing baby when you’re out and about. Pacifiers are a personal preference, but most doctors recommend that baby be given them as a way to self-soothe

    I hope this checklist helps you become more ready for when the baby arrives.​