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    Baby Registry Checklist

    January 1, 2017
    Baby Registry Checklist

    Baby Registry Checklist

    When you are pregnant, it can feel overwhelming. But when it comes to being prepared for everything the baby needs, that can be a whole different roller coaster altogether. How can one small baby need so much stuff? The thing is, especially during your first pregnancy, you can end up buying things that you don’t necessarily need. Which is why this baby registry checklist will be a lifesaver. Once you get through all the essentials, you will feel totally prepared, and perhaps saved a few dollars in the process.

    Car Seats

    A car seat is one of the bigger purchases that you will make for the beginning of your baby's life. It can also feel confusing because there is a lot of choices. But unless you don’t drive, it is an essential piece of kit. It has to be the right choice for you, your baby and the car it is going into. All cars are different, so the seat needs to fit securely. Safety is the priority here.

    Chicco NextFit CS Convertible Car Seat

    You have two options when it comes to picking a car seat. You have an infant seat, which is also known as the bucket, and you have a convertible seat. Both of which are rear facing, which is the guidelines for any transportation of a new baby. However, the convertible seat will convert to forward facing seat when your child enters toddlerhood. Convertible seats are heavier and are more of a long term investment. When choosing one make sure it is suitable for a newborn. The last thing you want is a seat that is too big. An infant seat is more lightweight, but as your child grows you will need to change it. So just bear that in mind. You also have the benefit of them being portable, which can make things much easier for transportation of your baby. They can fit onto some stroller chassis. This is perfect if your baby has fallen asleep in the car, you transfer the seat, not the baby. Making it a much more flexible option for new parents.

    The main thing to remember and decide is this. A convertible seat stays put in the car. Yes, it will last you a longer time. But you may have to purchase extra seats if your baby spends time with others. An infant seat will need to be replaced as your baby gets bigger. But it can offer the flexibility of using it with your stroller chassis and sharing it with loved ones who spend time with your baby.

    Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller


    For the first six months, if you bought an infant car seat, you will most likely use it along which the frame of your stroller. It just makes it an easier transition. This type of frame is normally associated with a travel system stroller. So it gives you the option of fixing the car seat, but also, you will have a carry cot and a seat along with it. They tend to be lightweight and easy to use. This would be a necessity for new mothers, especially if your little one were born by a c-section. You won’t even realise how heavy a stroller can be until you have tried to put it in the trunk of your car several times a day. This is why many new parents opt for this system. They fold away very simply and take up minimal space. If you didn't buy an infant car seat anyway, it would still be recommended to stick with a travel system style operation. They may not be the most beautiful thing to grace the sidewalk, but what they may lack in looks they make up for in practicality.

    How to Wear Your Baby


    You may wonder what this term is, but baby wearing is the new craze to hit parenthood. It has been around for centuries. However, a few generations back some americans came away from it. This is because doctors feared a child who received too much love, touch and attention made them spoilt. But the modern day parent is beginning to see the benefits. This leaves your hands free to get on with things. It can also soothe a baby as they are close to your skin.

    In the early days, babywearing can be seen as the only way you can get things done. Grocery shopping and running errands. We all know that just being close to their mommy and daddy, their smell and touch can instantly soothe a baby

    There are two options to consider. There is the soft wrap which is like a long piece of material, or there are more structured carriers. Each with their benefits.

    Baby Rocker Chair Buying Guide 1

    Baby bouncers and swings

    At first, you may want to just and cuddle your little one all the time. While that is amazing to develop a bond, there will be a time where they will need to sit somewhere else and get a bit of stimulation. This is where baby bouncers and swings can be a great investment. They don’t need to be fancy; there are ones suitable for all different budgets. If you are unfamiliar with the baby terminology, a baby bouncer isn’t something where they specifically bounce about. That is for when they are a little older. It is a little seat that bounces back and forth. Which provides a bit of motion that can be comforting. They tend only to get used in the first six months as you progress onto other things after that. So don’t be too worried about spending lot’s of money on them.

    You may want to consider a baby swing. If you have the space for both then great but if you are limited then opt for either one or the other. A swing can provide great stimulation and also help sooth a baby to sleep. They can be over stimulating, though, especially in the early days, So use it sparingly in the first two months. While the swing has some great benefits, swinging for you instead of you having to move the bouncer, they are not portable. They are heavy, so once they're in they are in. Whereas a bouncer could come with you to different rooms or for friends and family.

    These bouncers and swings are perfect for when you just need to get dressed in a morning or eat your breakfast. Mom needs to take care of herself as well as the baby.

    baby bath time 1

    Bath time

    During those first few months, bath time can either be a real joy or a tough time of your day. Your baby will love it or hate it. But it’s best to be prepared with everything you need to get the job done. In the beginning, a baby will require a newborn bathtub. This is so they are supported, along with your guidance. The water only needs to be filled a little, and it leaves you with plenty of access to get them cleaned. A newborn bathtub will only work for the first few months as they will eventually outgrow them. So there are tubs available that can last them up to 12 months. You may not get the extra support you need, but it will save you a few dollars in the long run.

    As they get a little older, you could consider other options. When it comes to 6 months onwards, you may want to go into the main bathtub.

    You will need to get yourself some baby bath towels. Most babies, even if they enjoy being in the water, will dislike being taken out of the bath. A baby specific towel will have longer sides to wrap around them, and most will have a hood to keep their head warm.

    Finally, what do you clean your baby with? You may wonder if you even need soaps or shampoos. Don’t be afraid of using them; the baby specific ones have been designed with little ones in mind. Stick with a well known brand to begin with.

    Top 5 Best Essential Gear for Sleeping

    Bedtime and sleep

    Sleeping will be on most parents' minds. It is essential to have some of the right products to ease this process. Most parents opt to have their baby in their bedroom during the first few months. This can make feeding and nursing easier. As a newborn there are few options to consider, there are portable bassinets, a care station, and a co-sleeper. A bassinet is handy for being portable meaning you can use it during the day without any worry. A care station has an added change mat and seat which can be perfect if you are tight on space. A co-sleeper works well as the baby is close to you. It means you can nurse or feed your baby without having to get up; you can soothe them straight away. It’s a case of deciding what would work best for you in the beginning.

    You may even want to consider co-sleeping. This can be a cost saver at the beginning. But some people would argue that it makes things difficult a few months down the line when you want them to sleep on their own. After six months the idea is that you transfer them from your chosen newborn sleeping arrangement to a crib in their bedroom.

    Once the arrangements have been made the only other thing is to think about a breathable mattress that is baby friendly, sheets and bedding. Although in the first few months you may not use bedding specifically and just stick with a blanket if they are cold.

    The last two things to consider when it comes to bedtime and sleep is a night light and a baby monitor. These days you can have video monitors. A monitor is essential, especially if you are putting them down to sleep in a room you won’t be in. They will alert you when the baby wakes.


    I don’t think any parent realises how many diapers you will go through. You have two options you can either go with a cloth diaper, where you wash the inserts or a disposable diaper. Both of which have their benefits.

    The main factors to consider would be cost, the environment (if that is important to you), how sensitive on the skin and also whether you have a boy or a girl. Boy’s tend to wet their diapers more frequently than girls.

    Is it important to breast feed


    If you are breastfeeding, then you will only need to consider getting things to help you through that process. Breast pads, breast pump if you decide to do that, nipple cream and nursing bras and clothes.

    Feeding with formula requires you to have bottles, a sterilising kit, and tools to wash them thoroughly. Most brands offer starter kits which include everything you would need. You may want to consider a nursing pillow. These work well when breastfeeding but also can be great for bottle feeding as well.



    Most parents to be will love going shopping to buy little outfits. But during the first few months, you will find that your baby gets more wear out of onesies. This is for ease of access, comfort and also changing them regularly. Essentially you only need to invest in onesies, socks, scratch mitts, hats, and vests. Plenty of vests. Long and short sleeved depending on the weather.


    During the early days, your baby won’t play with toys. But they will need some form of stimulation. This can be done from a playmat, stroller toys and comforters like teddies. As they get a little older, this may progress onto a jumperoo. Which are excellent for wearing a baby out and using up all that energy.

    You don’t need to go overboard with toys and such. Babies will take pleasure in pretty much anything, from a wooden spoon to your car keys. So don’t panic.

    The forgotten bits

    So you will need a diaper bag to put all your baby's things in. These can be as costly or as reasonably priced as you want. They are an essential though for when leaving the house. They have so many hidden compartments that you can pack everything your baby may need.

    You may also want to consider using pacifiers. This again is a personal choice. Like most of this parenting is. It’s down to what you want to do.

    Baby care is also something that you need to consider. This goes from creams to a device that clears up your baby's snot from their nose. You will also need baby nail clippers for those sharp nails. They grow so quick. Some brands do all of these essentials in one kit that you can have in the bathroom for when you need them.

    I hope this checklist helps you become more ready for when the baby arrives.

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