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Top 5 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas | 2020 Reviews

By Lisa Hayden / September 22, 2016
Top 5 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Top 5 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas | 2020 Reviews

Christmas is just a few more months away and it means scrambling our brains for the most unique and hilarious secret Santa gift ideas. Do you already have yours yet?

Well, before we get to that, let’s have a brief overview of where Secret Santa actually came from.

Secret Santa is a Christian tradition popular in the United States and the United Kingdom, which originated from the Austrian gift-bringer Christkindl meaning Christ Child. To help bring about the spirit of Christmas, this type of gift exchanges have become very popular. Basically what people do here is form a group where each one is randomly assigned a person with whom they will anonymously send a gift to.

Over the years, gift ideas given out have changed a lot. While many still love giving out personalized gifts, there are also those who would grab the opportunity to use their humor while playing Santa ideas.

If you still do not have any gift ideas for the upcoming holidays, you can check out our list below for the funniest, most unique and best gifts to give out as a secret Santa. It will probably not please everyone but it will leave a smile on most adults that you will give it to, especially those who loves wine or a good coffee or who loves to go back to their childhood. Pretty sure, your hilarious gifts will be a talk of the town for days and even weeks.

So go on, buy your gift now and rock that party!​

Quick Comparison Table

Vina 5-Piece Set Deluxe Wine Bottle Opener Accessories

Love Live Color - Adult Coloring Book

White Mountain Puzzles - The 1990s - Jigsaw Puzzle

LoveArtsCrafts Face Paint Sticks

Willcallyou Best Funny Gift 11oz Coffee Mug

Vina 5-Piece Set Deluxe Wine Bottle Opener Accessories Gift Set
Love Live Color - Adult Coloring Book, Set of 3
White Mountain Puzzles - The 1990s - 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
LoveArtsCrafts Face Paint Sticks
Willcallyou Best Funny Gift 11oz Coffee Mug






Corkscrew and accessories

48 pages each

1000 puzzle pieces

12 crayons


Vina 5-Piece Set Deluxe Wine Bottle Opener Accessories Gift Set

Vina 5-Piece Set Deluxe Wine Bottle Opener Accessories Gift Set

For most adults, the best way to relax and unwind is get a headache after drinking too much wine. Seriously though, adults love their daily dose of wine (it IS healthy when taken in minimal amounts) making this bottle opener set the perfect exchange gift for unisex!

You know when you are just too excited to drink wine and yet, when that happens, you have a hard time as you fumble through all your kitchen accessories looking for the right tool to open your wine? You may have a drawer dedicated just for these kitchen gadgets but almost all of the time, the things that you need most is never there.

What makes this gift set as one of the best inexpensive Christmas gifts is that it keeps everything that you need all in just one bottle shaped container reminding you that there is something there to open the wine bottles. The set is a five piece accessory set which comes with a bottle drip ring, a wine bottle opener, a bottle foil cutter, a multi-functional hippocampal knife and an alloy stopper. All these neat accessories have their specific location inside the container to make sure that you never lose them or at least immediately realize that you lack one.

Of course, we most loved the fact that all of the tools work perfectly well and that they are very sturdy and durable for long term use. All the parts certainly do what they are supposed to do and they are all very solid items to use. Another thing that is a big plus point is the concept of putting all the accessories inside a bottle shaped container which jives exactly with its purpose. You can display it along with your other bottles and it will feel right at home.

This is such an awesome gift to give and you do not have to worry about pleasing certain genders. This one deserves to be at the top spot!

Details of the Vina 5-Piece Set Deluxe Wine Bottle Opener Accessories Gift Set


0.95 pounds


Corkscrew/bottle opener, drip ring, stopper, foil cutter, combo pourer/stopper

Love Live Color - Adult Coloring Book, Set of 3

Love Live Color - Adult Coloring Book, Set of 3

Sometimes we think that we live in a crazy world. Why so? Because in the present times, the kiddos play with their electronic gadgets while the adults go back in time and play with something a little less advanced, such as coloring books.

So why are these books considered as one of the best gifts under 25 dollars, for her? We may not realize it but coloring activities actually help reduce stress and anxiety among adults. According to studies, this happens because the activity helps stimulate motor skills as well as imagination and creativity. When the brain is being observed, the activity found in the amygdala, which is a part in the brain involved in stress, starts to decrease. Clearly, such a simple activity can make a huge difference in one’s life.

This set of coloring books are the perfect gifts for female coworkers as well as other friends and family who are constantly under stress and could use some break. It helps promote relaxation and also balances their moods so they can think clearly in their work as well as in their normal interactions with other people.

If you are looking for secret Santa ideas to give out in a very technical and stressful work environment, giving this set of coloring books that come with geometric patterns and mandalas is a great idea. Doing technical work the entire day can be a very draining activity and using this book will help unleash the creativity that they have kept locked inside. No two pages and art projects are ever the same in all three books so your creativity and imagination will definitely be challenged. Don’t stress yourself out, get this book set for your secret santa recipient, we promise you will not regret it.

The only problem we have with the pages, albeit somewhat minor, is that they are not bleed proof so you will have to put something underneath to protect the next page. Or you can just use a crayon instead. For that, we place this set in the second spot.

Details of the Love Live Color - Adult Coloring Book, Set of 3


12.8 ounces


48 pages each x 3 books

White Mountain Puzzles - The 1990s - 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

White Mountain Puzzles - The 1990s - 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Yet another great secret Santa gift idea for female coworkers and even the male ones is a jigsaw puzzle and a 1000-piece set at that.

But, why would you even want to give them something that will just add to their headache when all they really want to do during the holidays is relax and enjoy the time off from work? It is quite simple really: some adults just want to continue challenging their brains and this is a great workout to improve their eye and hand coordination. Plus, it does provide a great entertainment for the rest of the family so it’s a win-win situation.

What is a big plus about using this product as a gift item is that it is totally relatable no matter who you give it to. The final output is a collage of the triumphs and tragedies of the 90s which is where most new adults today belong to. A lot of the faces, pictures and events can be easily identified so figuring out where the pieces should go is not as difficult as the other puzzles. The puzzle art, by the way, was created by freelance illustrator and Pittsburgh native James Mellett.

Beyond the puzzle itself, we also like that they are made from one of a kind interlocking pieces that are made from sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. The pieces are big enough to facilitate easy handling but the final output is just the right size. You can opt to have it framed and hanged on your wall or you can just disassemble it after staring at it for a couple hours so you can enjoy another round of challenging work with your friends and family.

If you think the 90’s is not such a good secret Santa gift idea for girls and boys, you can also check out other designs including the other decades, television, rock and roll and many more.​

Sadly, the puzzle seems to be made of slightly poor quality as they do not seem to connect well and the pieces look very thin and frail. We will have to put this in the middle of our list.

Details of the White Mountain Puzzles - The 1990s - 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

No. of Pieces



24 x 30 inches

LoveArtsCrafts Face Paint Sticks

LoveArtsCrafts Face Paint Sticks

You know what adults love doing the most? Pretending that they are still young and rekindling their childhood. So, what better 15 dollar gifts to give out that this set of face paint sticks!

Okay, so this product is really designed more for the kids. Moms love giving this out to their children because it helps buy them time so they could finish work or their chores at home. But, that does not mean you cannot get this product for adults. Who’s stopping you, anyway?

Why should you get face paint sticks as secret Santa presents? The reason is simply because it is colorful, fun and absolutely enjoyable to use. Adult friends can share it and have a great laugh and even use it as a consequence while playing cards and other games. It is not messy and there is no fuss when it comes to cleaning it up – just use it on the face then wipe it up afterwards when you are done. It is a water based product and does not stain which is a huge plus for many adults.

Is it safe and gentle to use? Of course it is! This product was primarily designed for younger kiddos so you can be sure that they are non toxic and hypoallergenic as it uses food grade pigment. It is free from lead and paraben so you can use it for hours of fun. All you have to do is clean it up with soap and water and it will be as if nothing happened.

With the holidays coming, this face paint sticks are definitely the best alternative to actually using those messy face paints. Parties will be everywhere and having free face painting sessions will surely be a big hit. You can even apply it on one another without having to hire a professional.

The product does smear quite easily and also melts quickly too so that might be a problem in warmer weather. It is a fun item to give despite a few flaws so we will bring this one on the fourth rank.

Details of the LoveArtsCrafts Face Paint Sticks


5.9 ounces


12 crayons, 18 free reusable stencils, 20 face painting ideas

Willcallyou Best Funny Gift 11oz Coffee Mug

Willcallyou Best Funny Gift 11oz Coffee Mug

Are you looking for gag gifts for women and men? Adult themed gifts are often a big hit if you want to be hilarious but, if you are too scared to give out something green-minded lest you offend the recipient then this coffee mug gag gift will do.

Okay, so we will have to admit that there is really nothing very special about this coffee mug. It holds a good cup of coffee just like all other mugs and is quite generic so you can give it to anyone regardless of their gender, religion, political views and opinion about life. Then again, what makes it such a fun Secret Santa gift idea is its witty prints that will make your recipient remember you for as long as they sip coffee or drink water from that mug.

Their line of coffee mugs comes with hilarious lines such as “I didn’t fart; my ass blew a kiss” or “I like running because I really, really, really really really like food”, “Nope not today” and “I’d agree with you…but then we’d both we wrong”, among other funny lines available. You can choose from any of the hundreds of prints that they have to perfectly summarize the personality, interest and even hobbies of the person you are giving it to.

Another very important detail that we like about this coffee mug is that the print is well done on the premium class ceramic mug so we can be sure that it will last a very long time. It is even microwave and dishwasher safe so you are not just limited to sipping coffee, you can also make warm brownie cupcakes and those other delicious mug desserts because…who cares? It’s the holidays!

If you are looking for gifts under 10 dollars that you can give out as Secret Santa presents or give in bulk to colleagues and friends, this is the perfect idea! Sadly, we’ll have to push this one at the bottom of the list but it’s more on uniqueness and not the quality of the product so no hard feelings.

Details of the Willcallyou Best Funny Gift 11oz Coffee Mug


11 ounces




Can you think of another present more unique, hilarious and outrageous than the ones we have included here? If you cannot, then feel free to copy our holiday gift ideas. We are pretty confident than giving any of the items included in this list will leave a huge smile on your recipient’s face, no matter what.

You can also check out our lists for the best Christmas gifts for men and the best holiday presents for kids. If you are planning to give something to a parent, then you can also check out our best unique Christmas presents for moms and dads.​

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