Good and Helpful Parenting Principles

    By Lisa Hayden / March 9, 2024
    Good And Helpful Parenting

    You can be a good parent if you want and you can be a bad one if that is what you want. Good parenting is one of the things that help to shape up children in the right frame for future lives thus sets a good foundation. Do not mistake that to be a simple occurrence as good parents put in extra effort and discipline in achieving that. The following principles of good parenting will be good for your consideration to ensure your children grow positively.


    The things you do to model your children in the right way should remain consistent with slight and necessary changes. That will make the children to see seriousness in what you are trying to impart in them. Inconsistency will only encourage rogue behavior that you will not be happy to see happen.


    There is many ways to punish a child but it should not be very harsh. Caning and heavy hitting can cause injuries to the child which will leave you in regrets in case something serious and dangerous happens. Research has shown that disciplining children in harsh manners like caning and slapping encourages them to fight with other children as well as become aggressive in handling conflicts when they grow up. To avoid that, you should choose more agreeable and less aggressive options that will paint you as a good parent.


    It is said that respect is two-way traffic; you respect me and I respect you. This principle must also apply when a parent is dealing with his or her children. If you respect your child then he or she will reciprocate by respecting you in the same way. Respect is actually one of the top benchmarks for good parenting.


    A family is like an organization where the rule of law must reign all the time. A good parent will come up with rules that the children must follow but they should be genuine. That is the best way to manage the behavior of a child since you can know when the child is in the house, school, church or even out there playing. These rules are obviously accompanied by stiff penalties that the children will pay heavily for flouting.


    As long as you will want to have limits set for your children; it is equally good that you allow some level of independence to encourage self-direction. You will not always be taking control of what the children are doing but allow them a free hand to do things on their own. It has to be gradual and that brings about the sense of maturity. However, you have to be very careful so that the independence of your children does not boil into disobedience.


    Good parents get involved and concerned with what their children do. This shows your concern towards their welfare and they will respect you as their father or mother. You can check on their classwork performance and anything that they undertake.