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    Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Color of Your Child’s Stroller

    By Lisa Hayden / July 24, 2021
    Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Color of Your Child’s Stroller

    Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Color of Your Child’s Stroller

    “Oh, just look at that hot pink stroller! It’s looking divine, I wish I could get one for myself, but...”

    “Look at you, looking all classy while you stroll around with that black stroller of yours…”

    “That racecar red stroller of yours is simply striking, can I take it for a ride?”

    Have you ever wondered what goes into choosing the perfect stroller that is just right for you and your child? It could be a gruelling task, yes? There are just so many things to consider and look into. Which color to get is probably well on the last of your considerations, but it’s still there for a reason. You would be surprised to realize just how much difference your choice of color can make. And that is exactly what we are here for. In this article we will discuss with you how the color of your stroller can make the slightest of difference when it comes to your childcare experience. This is your guide to choosing the best color of stroller for your child. But first things first, let’s talk about the basics of a stroller.

    The lowdown on strollers

    Childcare products do not come cheap. And they shouldn’t. Not when the safety and comfort of your baby depend on them. We consider childcare product as investments, and as far as investments go, we would like for them to be long-term. It is way too expensive if you will have to keep buying the same product over the years. As with other expensive childcare products, a stroller is one big purchase that you would like to last you for at least a couple of years. You also want to pick out the right one, the first time around.

    A stroller is among the essential products that you will need once your baby is born until he is able to support his own weight and walk on his own. Some parents go through more than one stroller, depending on their family’s needs. There are several types of strollers that are available in the market. While most strollers serve the main purpose of moving your child, other models cater to a more specific use, like a jogging stroller or a stroller that can double as a car seat.

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    There are many things that need to be considered when choosing the perfect stroller for you. Where you live can play a major factor on your choice. As well as where you expect to push your stroller. There is also the matter of how frequent you will be using your stroller, and under which circumstances you will be using it. Should you get a frame that is lightweight? Do you want it to have food trays? How many storage compartments do you need? What color should you get?

    It may not be as crucial as whether the stroller has an effective harness system or not, but color should also be one of your considerations when buying a stroller for you child. This is an ultimate guide to choosing which color of stroller should you pick for your child. But before diving into colors, let’s quickly discuss the types of strollers that can be found in the market today.​

    What are the common types of strollers?

    • Traditional strollers. These are standard strollers that you can use to carry your child with when you are on the move. They have foldable frames that are equipped with sunshades and storage compartments. Traditional strollers are available in a number of styles with different orientations, but most come with a padded seat that can be adjusted to your desired reclination.
    • Car-seat strollers. These are specially designed strollers that are meant to carry infant car seats. They are made of lightweight metal frames that can accommodate specific types of baby car seats, depending on the model. Once the car seat is removed from the base of the car, it can be snapped into the stroller frame. Car-seat strollers come in handy when you have to move a sleeping baby from your vehicle to your stroller.
    • Jogging strollers. These are 3 wheeled jogging strollers that are meant to give your baby a smooth ride while you are out taking long walks or jogging around the park. They may also be used when hiking through the woods, provided that the trails are wide enough.
    • Double and triple strollers. These are strollers that allow you to push more than one child at the same time. Tandem models allow for a child to sit behind another, in contrast to the side-by-side model.
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    What are the features you should look for when buying a stroller?

    Now that you are more familiar with the types of strollers there are, let’s look into the basic features of a stroller that should be of concern to you.

    • Safety. Of course, safety should be a concern to you. Your child is your most precious cargo, and the vessel with which you will choose to transport him along should be guaranteed safe. A good stroller should have a frame that could firmly lock into position, and not collapse accidentally while your child is in it. It should have a smooth design, without sharp protrusions that can your baby’s skin. Consider strollers that have met current safety standards and have been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association or JPMA. Make sure that the stroller you choose has not been part of a product recall.
    • Harness system. It is best to get a stroller with a 5-point harness restraint system. The belt buckle should be easy enough for you to unhook but hard to manipulate for your child.
    • Adjustable seat. This is important especially if you have any intention of using the stroller from when your child is still just barely a few months old until he is a few years older. You will need a seat with a recline that can be adjusted. Infants lack head control and are unable to sit up, so they will need the seat to be in an almost flat position. As they grow older, they start to gain control and this is when you may adjust the recline into a seating position. Adjustable seat is also helpful when your child is taking a nap, and you can easily adjust his reclining seat.
    • Wheel brakes. Wheel brakes should be easy to engage. Once engaged, they should firmly secure the wheels in place. Some models feature locks that are able to lock both back wheels at the same time. Jogging strollers should have efficient hand-brakes or foot-brakes to ensure the safety of your child.
    • Adjustable handle height. The ideal height of the stroller handles is at the pusher’s waist level or slightly lower. An adjustable handle is a good feature to look into since the stroller is unlikely to be just pushed by one person. Options for stroller handle extenders are also available.
    • Storage compartments. Storage compartments can make your strolling experience a whole lot better. They prove to be convenient in storing your baby’s essentials. They come in handy for storing your baby’s diaper bag. They may even accommodate your grocery bags.
    • Easy to clean. You want a stroller that is easy to clean and maintain. Babies are messy, and if you want your stroller to last you for years, you’ll need to keep it in great condition. A good stroller will have removable and washable fabric materials that can make cleanups a stroll in the park.
    • Versatility. How versatile do you need your stroller to be? Some strollers have adjustable seats that can either face forward or backward. Some models can be converted to become a double, or even a triple stroller. It just depends on whether you intend to use the stroller for more than one child at a time, or if you plan to re-use it for future children.
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    What color should you get for your child’s stroller?

    So far, we have discussed the basics features that you should consider when buying a stroller. Now that we have covered what type of stroller fits your family and which features you need, let us talk about the issue of picking a color. It may very well be the last thing that you decide on, but it is as valid a question as any other. Although the color of the stroller has little to do with the stroller’s performance, there are still some things to be said about picking the right color for you.

    Here are a few things to consider when picking out a color:​

    Gender Colors

    You might not know it until it has happened to you, but are you a sensitive person? Do you think you would get offended if other people assume your baby girl is a boy because your stroller is in the shade of blue? Some parents are sensitive. Their feathers get ruffled when people assume their newborn is of the other gender. If you don’t like people confusing your child’s gender, pick a color that suits your baby. In general, pink is the feminine color often associated with the female gender. Blue is the color for the male gender.

    Some parents don’t want you to assume anything at all. More and more parents are now moving towards instilling gender sensitivity values as early as infancy. They want their kids to go beyond the bias of a blue and pink colored world. Being gender-sensitive allows you to have bias-free attitudes, outlooks and actions. If you are all for gender sensitivity, then a gender neutral color will be your best choice. What exactly are gender neutral colors? Basically, these are colors that are not often identified with a specific gender. These are colors that can suit any type of gender. Examples of gender neutral colors are brown, white, black, orange, or green.​

    Color Practicality

    When we say color practicality, we mean choosing a color that best fits your needs. Do you need your stroller to stand out? If you are getting a jogging stroller, maybe consider a loud color that will surely stand out. This is for added safety. Motorists will spot you more easily if you’re pushing along a brightly colored stroller. Loud, bright colors are great for when you want your stroller to be easily recognizable. This will come in handy if you expect to frequent crowded places. You would want to easily spot where you’ve parked your stroller. Or in cases where your family breaks apart, finding each other will be easier if you got a shiny yellow stroller as a marker.

    Do consider that dark colors tend to get warmer on sunny days. If you expect to be out in the sun with not much coverage or shade, getting a black colored stroller might not be the best idea. Your child may feel additional heat and discomfort during warm summer days if you push him around in a black stroller.

    Stain Friendliness

    Remember that babies are messy. They eat and leave crumbs behind. They barf a wide array of colored mess. They will climb on and off the stroller without stopping to see if their feet are dirty. Your stroller is bound to get a beating. Light colored fabric materials are sure to get dirtier faster. If you do not like the prospect of having to clean a dirty stroller more often that you would like, it might be better to get dark colored strollers, like black. Stains tend to be well hidden on black colored fabric materials. Alternatively, fun patterns hide stains better as opposed to solid colored fabric materials.

    Your Own Taste

    At the end of the day, it is you who will be pushing around the stroller. Here is a tip: You can actually just choose the color that you like! There is no reason why you can’t pick the color that you like. All strollers get dirty anyway. Be a responsible parent and clean it. So what if black is a boring color? You think it’s classy and practical. Besides, you can always spice things up by adding fun colored liners. Parenthood should be a fun experience so go on, pick a shade that will bring a smile to your face.

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