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    Are Trampoline Tent Beds Worth the Hype?

    By Lisa Hayden / November 23, 2020
    trampoline tent

    Do you have a trampoline in your home? Do your kids love laying down on it relaxing? Perhaps they love sleeping outside in the warm summer months on it? If your children love relaxing on their trampoline as well as jumping on it, they’re not the only ones. The creative uses that people have come up with for trampolines have meant that more and more accessories have been made for them.

    A trampoline is no longer just a bounce mat where your kids can let off some steam, or at least, it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of accessories for transforming your children’s trampoline into a tent for relaxing in, or a bed for sleepovers. The great thing about these innovative new uses for trampolines is that you can create the accessories yourself or buy them online. It’s completely up to you!

    Want to know more about trampoline tents and beds and whether they’re really worth the hype? Then keep reading, as all is about to be revealed!

    What is a trampoline tent?

    A trampoline tent is exactly, what it says on the packet - a tent that goes over your trampoline. Pretty neat, right? It’s not a real tent that you use to create the tent-like space; it’s a trampoline enclosure. Of course, if you had a tent that was a fair size, you probably could put it over your trampoline. But for ease and to keep costs low, it’s best to use an enclosure. These come in lots of styles and designs, and can be shop bought or homemade. We’ll talk more about how to create them, later on.

    Once your trampoline has an enclosure, your kids have their very own outdoor den. A place to play, chat with friends, and hold sleepovers. A word to the wise, when it comes to sleepovers, make sure that the weight of the kids combined, does not exceed the weight limit. Else, this could cause damage to the trampoline, making it dangerous to use. The reason kids love trampoline tents is because they’re comfortable, cosy and keep the bugs away, as they’re off the ground. Plus, in hot weather, they offer a fantastic escape from the sun without having to go indoors.

    How can you make a trampoline tent?

    Of course, there are plenty of trampoline tent designs online that you can buy. However, these can be a little pricey, especially as most of them require you to buy a certain make and model of trampoline. If you’ve already got a trampoline this is pointless, so often, it’s easier to make your own. This is much easier than you would think, to do. A popular way of doing this is using a parachute - those multi-coloured ones used in schools, to create a tent. Or, you could also use a piece of tarp if you have that lying around. However, these don’t give proper protection as they only cover the top of the trampoline, not the sides as well.

    This tends to be why some people prefer to buy trampoline tents instead of making them. They might be more expensive, but are made especially for trampolines. This means that they fit them perfectly and offer all the protection that an actual tent would offer. They also come in a range of styles and designs, from bright, bold circus-themed designs to fairy castle and teepee-themed ones. This makes the tents look and feel more fun for your kids, as they have a theme to them. Whatever your child is into, there’s sure to be a trampoline tent that’s designed in that style. It’s just a case of shopping around until you find it.

    What are the options?

    To make it easier for you to understand what your options are, we thought it was best to discuss them. There are various styles to choose from, each of which, comes with a different cost and various design possibilities.

    bazoongi trampoline
    Let’s start with open topped tents.

    Designs like the Bazoongi Jump Pod Trampoline and Tent, are simply made with netting going up the sides of the trampoline. Because of the net’s zipped entrance, it’s a great option in terms of safety. With an open top, it’s somewhat open to the elements but is still a popular option. Especially, as there is a specially designed tent cover that can be placed over the top of the trampoline. There are various designs to choose from, but the most popular are the treehouse and circus tent designs. The tent has windows to ensure that it’s well ventilated, is sturdy, and fits the trampoline perfectly. This is an easy option as the tent simply slots on over the trampoline netting, and that’s it. It’s easy to use, sturdy, and gives your child a fun and safe place to play and relax.

    Time to talk pop up tents

    If you don’t want to have to buy a new trampoline to ensure that the tent will fit, a pop up tent could be perfect. We’re not talking about any old pop-up tent, but one that’s been specially designed for using on a trampoline. An example of this is the JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent that fits on any trampoline that’s over 12 to 14 foot in diameter. The tent is 11 foot wide and over five foot high, making it ideal for children to play, relax, and even sleep in. It has windows, double stitched seams for strength, and a full floor. This tent requires that your trampoline already has the JumpSport Safety Enclosure in place, as this is what it attaches to.

    What’s a trampoline bed?

    Have your children outgrown their trampoline or got a bigger one? If there’s a trampoline in your garden going to waste, why not transform it into a bed? A trampoline bed is a bed made from the bounce mat of a trampoline that’s no longer being used. It can be an outdoor bed or can even be brought indoors for yourself or your children to use.

    For your kid’s playroom, their bedroom, or even your guest room, a trampoline bed can be a fantastic feature. It’s fun, unique, and best of all, comfortable. The good news is that it is much easier than you would think to do, and will only take a weekend to get done. As long as you know what you’re doing, that is. Plus, it’s a great way of recycling something old and turning it into something that can be used for many years to come.

    How do you make one?

    Whether you want to create a comfortable relaxation area in your garden or a cute bed for your kids, a trampoline bed could be perfect. What it’s important to think about when deciding what you want to use the trampoline for, is how big it is and where it will fit. For larger trampolines, creating a garden bed or a resting place in your kid’s playroom is ideal. Whereas, smaller trampolines are ideal for using as alternatives to a traditional bed, for yourself or your kids.

    Once you’ve decided what you’re doing with your trampoline, the next step is to remove the legs. This isn’t as hard as you would think, it’s just a case of undoing some screws. You’ll need a drill and a screwdriver, and that’s it. You could keep the legs, but the chances are that you want to make it look different to a trampoline, and the best way to do that is by removing the legs.

    trampoline bed

    Next, you need to decide where you will hang it. Are you planning on hanging it via a beam in the ceiling or will you create an independent wooden structure to hold it up? This will probably depend on whether you rent or own your home - for rentals, it’s best not to attach it to the ceiling, just in case it causes damage. However you intend on hanging the bounce pad, you will need hooks and strong rope. This needs to be secured to both the trampoline and a the frame or beams being used. A material case that goes around the bounce mat and has a hook attached is another option that’s worth considering.

    The last step is to make the bed as comfortable as possible. This can be done however you want to. A lot of people chose to wrap the metal springs of the bed with material and then place a mattress topper pad over the trampoline bounce mat. This gives extra protection and makes it more comfortable to sleep on.

    Once you’ve got the comfort of your bed spot on, the next step is to make it look smart and stylish. You can use fairy lights, sheer material, beading - whatever you want to give the trampoline bed a stylish look and feel. There’s plenty of design inspiration online, so take the time to have a browse.

    Trampoline beds and tents can be fantastic additions to your home. As long as they’re carefully designed and created, that is.

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