Sit and Stand Stroller Buying Guide

    By Lisa Hayden / April 5, 2021
    Sit and Stand Stroller Buying Guide

    Sit and Stand Stroller Buying Guide

    Sit and stand strollers are the top choice with parents that have a baby and a toddler. A major challenge for mothers who have a baby (or babies) has been being able to move around and get on with the chores of life. Mothers heaved a sigh of relief when such strollers were came into being and they were able to go around with babies in them. However, much to the excitement and happiness, this still did not solve the need of parents who need to take care of two kids at a time- parents who have a toddler and a baby at the same time. Thus the stroller manufacturers jumped at the opportunity and paved the way for Double Strollers- Sit and Stand Strollers that have made the job of so many parents around the world an easy one!

    So what does it do? Or how does this solve the problem? With these, you definitely can get two kids into one stroller together, and this is great for parents that have twins; but what about those parents that have two kids that aren’t twins? I mean, what if I had an infant and a toddler? How would I be able to fit my infant who isn’t able to sit up yet along with a toddler who is so curious and wants to be on his own? Well, that’s how the Sit and Stand comes into picture! With these, the infant sits in the front and there is a standing option for the toddler to stand, look around and even sit down if he/she is tired. Of course, toddlers want to be on their own, are the exploring kinds and would hate to be confined to a seat.

    Some models have a seat for the toddlers that’s facing the parent; this is great for the times when you’re toddler is tired with all the sightseeing and exploring and would like to comfort his tushy!

    A big advantage of the Sit and Stand over the regular double strollers is that they are not as bulky or huge, but are smaller and lighter, making it perfect for parents who are out and about most of the time with their kids.

    Sit and Stand Stroller Buying Guide

    Becoming parents is always a very exciting experience and it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or any other! The parents (more particularly mothers) tend to be spending so much of their time indoors looking up stuff and shopping for their baby. It is a fact that initially most parents look for strollers that come with a lot of features and that provide them with maximum productivity. However in time, they will come to realize that though having a stroller with so many features is a good thing, but they can be so bulky and difficult to manage. Imagine being caught in such a situation when you’re travelling and far away from home!​

    It’ll be a good option for parents that are expecting another child to opt for these, as it makes it easy for them to be out with their kids at the same time. Who would want to push two strollers, or be stuck at home because you don’t know how to transport your kids around?! Well, worry no more, as the Sit and Stand is the perfect investment for such parents and you will end up saving money for sure.​

    Are these beneficial?

    • Firstly, it’s great for the older kid who doesn’t end up feeling like an infant and being confined to his/her seat. They love their new found independence and would like to take full use of it.
    • With the ability of having your older one sit whenever he/she is tired, you will find it comforting to be able to keep an eye on both of them.
    • As previously mentioned, these strollers are lighter and easier to control than most double strollers.
    • These come with a huge storage basket! Like with most other double strollers, the storage basket under the sit and stands are generally large and spacious.

    There, so many reasons to consider! Apart from the fact that they are easy to transport your kids together, there’s a strange comfort in knowing that your kids will be right under your eyes and safety.

    What to Look for when Buying Sit and Stand Stroller

    Well, you’ll have options to choose from a single, or a double or a triple sit and stand stroller. Most consider this as a decision likening it to buying a car! But with the safety and security involving your kids, it’s but natural that you put in as much thought into it! Your kids might use this from their infant to the toddler stage so might as well buy something that you both will be happy with.

    The obvious things that you will look for would include a sturdy design, fabric that is easy to clean and can withstand spills, and any extras that you could need - a cup holder or storage basket. But, for the ultimate use and comfort, it’s recommended that some things on your list be essential.​

    We recommend that you look for the strollers that have a capacity for a combined weight of over 70 lb children to make sure that you get good use out of the stroller, and that it is a strong one. The best sit and stand double strollers will definitely have capacity for this. It’s also recommended and essential for older children to have a 3 point strap for times when they are tired of standing and want a seat to rest.​

    Also ensure that that the bench seat is padded for comfort. Any other extras would be up to you.​

    Convenient Functionalities

    We’re looking for a stroller that does well with being lightweight, compact and maneuverable. This is achieved by ball-bearing wheels or rubber tires, both of which will give you good control and maneuverability; this will come so handy when you’re strolling down an aisle or through a door.


    You are sure to carry a lot of stuff as you have two kids along with you, plus, of course, your stuff! So what are we talking about here? You’ll need storage enough to hold the children’s supplies like jackets, diaper bags and extra bottles. Not to forget your stuff like phone, keys and a cup holder.

    Most parents tend to start weaning / tasting off with baby rice or baby porridge, both of which are fairly bland and may be made using the baby’s milk.​

    Storing the Stroller

    This is such an important aspect to consider mostly because you are already dealing with two kids at one time and having to bother yourself storing the stroller, folding and unfolding it and transporting it should be the least of your concerns.

    Security and Safety

    Your kids’ safety is of prime importance here. A few things that shouldn’t be negotiated are - locking front wheels , a padded jump seat along with a 3-point harness, foot activated rear brake, wheels- 7” front and 8” rear, car seat equipped with latch, 5-point harness and a canopy with tinted sun visors.


    This is a huge deal breaker or maker in many cases and what decides which stroller you’re going home with usually has to do a lot with its price. Most people are of the assumption that a good stroller with features will be an expensive one. Yes, the more you pay the more features you get, but sometimes you may not need all those features. So pick one that suits your lifestyle or needs and not one that’s expensive!

    Sit and Stand Stroller Buying Guide

    Pros and Cons of a Sit and Stand Stroller

    The major advantage of Sit and Stand strollers is that these can suit families that have children with some age gap. These are also relatively lightweight and compact.

    You’ll also find that they come with cup holders and a decent sized storage basket. Another major advantage is that with the sit and stand stroller you are not restricting older children and children of walking age will easily be able to get out and walk whenever they prefer, plus have a place to rest when they are tired.

    However, there have been some complaints in regards to these strollers that include the fact that sit and stand strollers are not at all designed for rough terrain. They are really suitable for everyday activities around your town, due to the lightweight design and small wheels that are made to maximize space.

    The rear seat of the stroller can use up a lot of space in the back, so if you have a child that could be spending a fair amount of time here, you might want to re-consider this and look in to the strollers that have frontward infant seats.​

    Stroller Accessories

    If we have successfully lulled you into buying a sit and stand stroller, then we must also point out some really great accessories that would go with the stroller and that make it much more efficient to use. Of course these aren’t a “must have”, but hey, a little indulgence when it comes to the comfort of your kids never hurt anybody!

    Snack Trays - Snack trays are great and make it easy and convenient for the parent as well as the kids to have a bite of the favorite snack along their strolling routine or whenever they are out and about. These act as complete and easy to reach “fixed table trays” - you and your babies can lay out the snacks. Usually a parent tray could be attached in between the handlebar while the kid tray will come right in front of the reclined seat to make the access easy.

    Diaper Bags - Diaper bags can vary. Some can be fixed to the side of the strollers and others could be attached to the stroller frame. These bags make it easy for the parents to keep the used diapers for later disposals and the unused diapers for future use. This is made possible by the fact that the diaper bag comes with a number of multiple pockets.

    Cup Holders - Cup holders are such an easy way to hold up a drink closer to you. They are attached to the side of a stroller’s handlebar and could at times come as part of the snack trays. To work best these cup holders are given a tight grip so that they could easily hold the cups or the drinking bottles. These are great to keep you hydrated along the way.​

    Cooler Bags - If you’d like your drinks to remain cool while you stroll, jog, or take an evening walk, you’d better get a hold of a cooler bag. These bags keep stuff cold including the drinking water and energy drinks.​ These aren’t usually attached to the stroller and are placed in the storage section for easy carriage.

    Bundle Me - Like the infant car seats, baby bassinets and baby infant seats, the bundle me works to keep the little riders warm just in case the weather turns out to be chilly. Buying a bundle me is important when you ride out on cold mornings or also in the evenings when the weather is not so favorable for the little one.​

    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

    Our Recommendation

    For those of you, who are clueless with what’s the best option for the best sit and stand strollers, don’t’ worry, we’ve got you covered. Just head over to our Top 5 Best Sit and Strollers reviews. We are here to provide insights on five of the most popular models and their various features. Always remember, it’s of paramount importance that you choose one that will make both the kids happy and comfortable and you stay calm and composed knowing that your kids are safe and having a good time! By the time you are done reading, you will find it easier to make a decision that you will not regret!

    And for our Top Pick, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller!​

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