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What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

After RSVP-ing to your good friend’s invite for her baby shower, you immediately went on your way to buy a baby shower gift for your little niece or nephew on the way. The thing is, buying gifts is easy. There is an array of baby things that babies and mommies need and anything you will get for your friend is definitely going to be loved and appreciated. However, you don't just want to hand in a gift just like that. You want to congratulate someone who is going to welcome a new baby into the world. And giving a gift is something that you—and we think—needs to be accompanied with a meaningful message.

What to write in a baby shower card

Baby showers are very special, especially to the mommy-to-be. This is the time where the welcoming family needs a lot of love and support. And being invited to such an occasion means that they want you to be part of such an important event of their lives. No matter how simple a baby shower gift you plan to give or a simple meaningful message, it is more than enough to give your love and your full support.

Giving your love in words can also be tricky. You don't want to sound a bit cliché. You want to write a baby shower card that is both meaningful and something that will really sound from you. You are a part of every milestone the family is going through and we, at ParentsNeed HQ, are as dedicated to help bring meaning and life into your greetings and wishes to your friend's baby shower.

Know Your Gift First

If you've already bought a gift, thought of a gift, or is planning to buy a gift, then think of a message that can complement your gift well. If you bought a gift that your friend's baby really needs, accompany it with well wishes saying that if your help is in any case needed, you would always be there.

If you bought a gift for mommy, then offer your hand to support mommy in times when her third trimester is becoming too difficult. Since welcoming a baby into the world is something very tiring especially with mommy-to-be feeling a lot of discomfort and a lot of nerves into giving birth, your mommy comfort gift is going to be well-received by mom-to-be.​

Giving your support, your wishes, and your love through your gift is interpreted better with a baby shower greeting that means well.

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Get into a Theme, Thought, or Idea

Before you start writing baby shower cards, you should think whether you should write a letter, a store-bought baby shower card, a homemade baby shower card, or just a baby shower greeting card. You should consider the length of your words before thinking what to write.

Are you one for a lot of words? Are you one who is quite tacit? The length of your letter is just as important as its content. You don't want to keep repeating the same messages over and over, will you? Be smart and think of what your friend likes as well. Do they love reading letters? Or are they people who enjoy concise greetings? Once you've already thought of how long your letter is going to be, think of a theme.

Revolving around a theme will make your card more meaningful and more remembered. You can actually be creative and make your own baby shower card.​

How to Begin Your Baby Shower Message

Well, this is a no brainer really, but it is actually very important. Before writing any heartfelt messages to the guest of honor, greetings and salutations are in order. But you should think first of your relationship to the mommy-to-be.

If you are really close to the guest of honor, then be straight and greet her in any way you two are very familiar with each other. But considering the theme of the baby shower, you should also go along. For an informal baby shower, greetings are less formal and warmer. If it is a more formal gathering, address mommy-to-be more appropriately.

There are times where a baby shower is thrown by the couple themselves, so address both parents-to-be. Being simple by using 'Dear (names of the parents-to-be)', or saying 'To Mommy (Name) and Daddy (Name)', you can easily move on to writing the real baby shower greetings.​

Here are some ideas to begin your baby shower card messages.

  • Dear (Mommy's Name/ Couple Names),
  • Dearest (Mommy's Name/ Couple's Names),
  • To Mommy (Name) and Daddy (Name),
  • To the best Parents-to-be,
  • To the Next Supermom and Superdad,

Do a Heart to Heart Message

Congratulations are well in order to begin your letter. First of all, acknowledge the few months of how well your friend has been doing during her pregnancy. Pregnancy is extremely difficult—and as parents, we completely understand how it feels like to be new parents—and being able to enter the third and final trimester is a feat.

You know your relationship with the guest(s) of honor so sharing some inside jokes and some past events are great ways to begin your letter. What matters most is the sentiment you put in your letter. You don't have to dig deep into writing a letter that will really tickle the hearts of your expectant parents.

Here are some sweet notes to add if you are feeling particularly warming towards the concept of your friends or family being expectant parents.​

  • We have had adventures together. And I know just how much adventure having a new baby will be.
  • We have shared lovable memories together and now, you have more memories to make and to share with a new baby in town.
  • A child just proves to show that your heart is bigger than you thought it would be.
  • A bundle of joy is an understatement, a bundle of life is what you're going to have because your baby will add life to whatever great you already have existing.
  • This is going to be your wildest adventure yet. So prepare yourself for one of life's best roller coasters.
  • Your little one is going to make a big impact in your life just as much as you have made impact in mine.
  • You may be expecting your baby now but wait when she's already there. Time will fly so fast, you'll never know how quickly they will grow. So, make the most of every second and every minute with your little joyful little tot.

Include Happy Wishes for Baby

Well, technically, you go to a baby shower to help support the expectant family for a new arrival, right? But you're also expecting a new person to come into light, so it's also proper to give the incoming little one a couple of messages as well.

One of the things that we love to do when we throw baby showers is reading the letters out loud for our baby to hear as well. And leaving a message for the little one not only includes and added sentiment to your letter, but it also becomes a memorable moment for the baby inside. When mommy feels good, baby feels good too. And writing to the baby gives mommy better reassurance of a more welcoming world for the little one to come in to. Besides, I'm sure those baby shower cards will be kept safe all the way until baby grows to read and understand. It would really be nice to have a great message for baby too.

  • Mommy and Daddy are so excited to see you; daddy already had a flashlight in hand in case mommy expects you to arrive in the middle of the night. You definitely have the best parents in the world who will love you 'til the end of time. Welcome to world, little one.
  • We can't want to see you, baby (girl or boy)! We're expecting to see daddy's humor and mommy's charming smile! You are going to bring more than sunshine in your parent's lives and ours too.
  • I hope that you will grow up strong and kind, and will follow your parents' footsteps. They are really great people and we're sure that you will be a tough cookie too.
  • You are the happiest thing that ever happened to your parents, and staying good and loving is one more reason to make them even happier. Welcome to the world, precious one.
What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Include Humor

One of the things we love about reading cards and letters are some points of humor. It's nice to get a letter that makes you cry, smile, and laugh all at the same time, right? Well, since you love getting a flutter like that, why don't you write one that will make the expectant parents feel the same emotional roller coaster too?

Adding a bit of humor adds a kick to a better baby shower card other than the typical congratulations to your baby girl or boy kind of thing. Here are some ideas in writing funny or witty baby messages that we think are great additions to your already great baby shower card.​

  • Even though we hate math, having a baby is like a mathematical equation. Your baby adds adventure to your family, subtracts a lot of your time and sleep, divides a whole lot of your patience, but multiplies all the love in your height. And that is equal to the happiest moments in your life. Congratulations for being parents to the greatest child in the world.
  • Cheers to the next years of fixing scraped knees, wiping tears and snot, packing lunchboxes, and wiping baby bums! You're going to do just great, mommy and daddy!
  • Congratulations! You are now entering the realm of swiping butts clean, whiffing Eau de Baby Ass, soothing cries, interacting with a newborn and most of all, an overflowing tub of love and happiness!

Well Wishes for Mommy's Health

Pregnancy is indeed a very challenging thing to undergo -- months of morning sickness, discomfort, and all other things that are practically annoying to any other person. Baby showers are meant to welcome the baby soon but we all want to wish mommy and baby's good health too. We also want to wish mommy's best health pre-labor, during labor and postpartum. Health is overall a major concern and putting that into mind is also showing great care and support not only for the expectant mom but to the entire family as well. Here are some messages that may be of help if you happen to meet a writer's block.

  • It's going to be a roller coaster, mommy! Soon your baby is about to fill your home with love, so I wish you a safe and easy delivery.
  • Shed those worries away. Being a mother is filled with ups and downs but you will end up being a great mom. Hoping for a safe delivery for you and a wonderful welcome to your baby.
  • Ooooh! Labor pains are difficult to forget but once your baby is there, all the pains and the aches of the past nine months would easy crumble into happy tears and laughter. Stay healthy and strong during your delivery and your recovery.
  • Sending you all the happiest thoughts, love and words I can ever offer. But most of all, sending you all the prayers for a safe and easy delivery.
  • There is nothing more difficult and yet more accomplishing experience than giving birth. So stay healthy and stay happy for a quick and painless delivery.

Baby Shower Well Wishes for Dad

Well, in all honesty, pregnancy is not all about mommy and the baby either. There's also one person who's been there to offer support, strength, and a lot of bantering and nagging from a very fatigued pregnant woman. Daddy is as much of a big part of the pregnancy as anyone else. So, try to add a little bit of sentiment to daddy as well especially if you are related to him.

  • You did a great job in being mommy's great backbone of support. Kudos and congratulations!
  • It isn't easy being a dad to a fussy preggy mom—my husband had to go through hell with our baby on the way. So congratulations, dad! A few more weeks of endurance and you are going to be the luckiest dad on earth.
  • Pregnancy took a toll on mommy for nine months but it also took a toll on you too. You did great, dad, you're almost there.
  • Cheering on both of you for bearing one of the happiest pregnancies I have ever witnessed. Mom and dad, you two really deserve this beautiful baby! Congratulations!

Bid goodbye

Signing off a baby shower card is as simple as choosing the right word of comfort. You don't have to stay on the typical sign off words like 'respectfully yours', 'yours truly', 'xoxo'. You can do better than that. Just literally put down your most intense feeling towards the expectant family as your closing. Be sincere, be supportive, and be positive.

  • Lots of love,
  • Overjoyed,
  • Just as excited as you,
  • With all the love in the world,

No matter how long or how short your baby shower message is, it doesn't matter. What matters is the content of your letter and most importantly, the care and the love that is put into writing those words. You know your friend or family well and you know exactly what they need -- love, support, and a positive attitude. And these are all you need to put into your letter. Good luck in writing down your heart into welcoming a baby into the world!

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