How To Become A Digital Savvy Parent

    By Lisa Hayden / July 9, 2021
    Digital Parents

    How To Become A Digital Savvy Parent!

    Growing up, many of us were known to tease our parents or grandparents about their lack of tech savvy skills. Whether it was their inability to program their microwave clock or run the VCR, we were merciless with our jokes. Now, the tables are turned as we are the parents raising a generation of digital natives. Our kids laugh and find it amusing when we talk about landlines, payphones, cassette tapes, video stores, and every other piece of technology that is outdated.

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    Keep your kids safe online.

    Good or bad, our sons and daughters can't remember a time before high speed internet or wireless smart technology. Unfortunately for us, it might take us a little bit longer to keep up with the trends and learn all the in’s and out’s of today’s devices. As we struggle to keep up with the ever changing technological advances, our children easily navigate the digital landscape.

    In fact, our teens spend an average of 9 hours plugged into a screen of some sort. This statistic is mind-blowing, especially when we consider that technology has some serious side effects lurking behind the blipping and glowing screens. These dangers range anywhere from cyberbullying, disrupted circadian rhythms, body ailments, increased anxiety, sexting scandals, online predators, addiction, and more. So, it should come as no surprise that even tech moguls like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs limit their children's technology use.

    All of these potential digital pitfalls can find many of us starting to question how can we possibly keep our children safe, especially if we can barely keep up with every new advancement and trend. Thankfully, we aren't destined to be obsolete like our long forgotten VCRs. With a little awareness and information, we can help our kids embrace technology while teaching them ways to protect themselves at the same time.



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