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    Pregnancy Myths: Fact or Fiction? Take A Quiz

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    Pregnancy Myths: Fact or Fiction? – Take A QUIZ

    An exceptionally wonderful aspect of pregnancy is the outpouring of concern from your family and friends for both you and your baby. Nearly everyone you know has their versions of what to dos and what not to dos. While a large number these well meaning advices may be valid, many are simply myths. When you hear the same piece of advice repeated often enough from different people, sometimes it's difficult to know whether they're myths or facts.

    Old wives tales from older generation are an enduring piece of social legacy. If your elderly close relative or mother need feels the need to impart her knowledge and experience, it pays to be able to listen with an open mind but taken with a gain of salt. Some may contain some age old wisdoms, but others could have been distorted by the societal norms of the times or simply by their fading memories.

    We are going to use the following quiz to help you dispel some widely held myths about pregnancy, some of which are even proliferated by respected pregnancy books! Let's take the quiz and learn more about facts and myths related to pregnancy.