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10 Tips to do well in your first crossfit competition

By Lisa / April 13, 2020
Top 10 Tips for doing well in your first crossfit competition

10 Tips to do well in your first CrossFit Competition

It's easy to let things go fitness wise, when you're a new parent. Your busy routines, work, and errands always take more time than there is in a day! And sports and fitness usually takes a backseat.

When your toddlers get a bit older, parents usually find that they've mastered their routines, and start having a bit of extra time for themselves. Many find that they can and want to start fitness routines to help jumpstart their journey back to health and fitness. Some ambitious parents, take part in CrossFit competitions, and use the training for the competition to jumpstart their routines on the road to fitness.

CrossFit is an excellent training program that tries to build strength and endurance for time strapped people. CrossFit has grown in popularity and this has led to competitions involving a series of exercise routines involved in CrossFit.

If you're new to CrossFit competition, you probably already know that trying out something for the first time is not easy, especially if it is a competition. Most people usually talk themselves out of the tournament even before they sign up for it. However, if you make it a goal and set your mind to it, you shouldn't be afraid to sign up. We at ParentsNeed are here to give you a few tips to help in your preparation for the big day.

If you are training for your first CrossFit competition, you should understand that you have to be ready for it. What are some of the things that will ensure that you will do well before that day comes?

1. Be strict on nutrition

It is important to eat healthy vegetables, fruits, dairy products, whole grains, and lean meat before you compete. Doing so will give your muscles the energy it needs to sustain itself and perform well.

2. Prepare mentally

The secret to successful training is to accept it intellectually. Instead of talking to yourself about what you are not good at, start thinking positively about the competition and focus on the areas in which you excel. This confidence will help you perform your absolute best in all areas.

See yourself as a winner. If you think that other people are better than you are, then you will be devaluing your potential.

3. Involve your family in your training, and train with other fitness minded people

Of course, you require some motivation and a good coaching staff can help you excel. If you want to be an eagle, then you have to fly with other eagles.

Therefore, spend quality time with your family by training together. But also train with other fitness oriented people. Mix it up a little. By training with different people, you will challenge your body in different ways. To avoid plateauing in your fitness training, you have to mix it up and keep your body guessing so it doesn't get too used to any one particular type of exertion.

4. Stick to your training plan

Skipping a training session here or there might seem like no big deal. But it's best to try your best to be consistent as training programs developed by professional trainers are designed to maximize your improvements in minimal time. If you skip or change routines, it will lose its effectiveness.

5. Train according to the competition standards

One thing that you cannot control is how the judges award you. You can however be aware of the judges rubric and work on areas that you can control.

6. Prevent injuries

Most athletes usually feel the urge to push themselves to the limit. It is best to refrain from doing so however, as it can cause injury. Not only will an injury slow down your progress, but it could knock you out of the competition entirely.

7. Pack the night before

Being prepared for the competition is important. Be sure to pack your gym bag the previous day. Having a good gym bag is important so if you do not have one, be sure to check out the CrossFit Survival website to see some of the best bags available.

Some of the things to pack include snacks, water, a change of clothes, and comfortable shoes.

8. Sleep well

Make sure that you get a good night of sleep and sleep for at least 8 hours. Fatigue can impact how your body performs during a competition so avoid sleep deprivation at all costs.

9. Arrive at the venue early

Do not embarrass your trainer by arriving late. Look for a way to reach the site earlier. Since many people will be there it may take you extra time to get to where you need to be. Not to mention the stress of running behind is not what you need on competition day.

10. Keep yourself hydrated

Hunger may strike and keeping your body hydrated is critical to your success. That is the reason you will have to eat well before the competition. Additionally, drink as much water as you can as water nourishes the muscles.

Final remarks

As a bonus tip, have fun. You're a winner because you trained hard. You have achieved your fitness goal by taking part in the competition.

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