Top 10 Best Baby Books | 2020 Reviews

By Lisa / June 5, 2019
A Parent reading with her child

Top 10 Best Baby Books | 2020 Reviews

Reading baby books is one of the best ways to spend time with your little one. It teaches the baby language, vocabulary and creates an environment of love and friendship. An added benefit of reading toddler books is that it helps in the brain development of your baby. Bedtime stories calm the baby’s mind and induce sleep. Whether it is during the day or night time, reading to your baby will leave him or her smiling and wanting more. If you want find out what the top 10 best baby books are, read on!

Baby mesmerized by a book.

It's never too early to start reading to your child!

It is advised that you start reading to your baby as early as possible. In fact, the best time to introduce your baby to books is when he or she is still a newborn. According to this recent survey, children who were exposed to book images and literature at an early stage are usually smarter compared to those who started later in life.

Ensure that your reading time is short and frequent. As the baby grows, you can increase the number of times you read to your baby. Most kid’s books have pictures with sharp contract images which help stimulate the baby's brain visual sensors. Young baby may not be able to differentiate pictures in a book, but they can be attracted to the bright colours and contrasting patterns.

The best books to read for your baby should be specifically designed for young children. They should be small, bright coloured with only a few pages. Most of these books are written with humor and a light touch to help you connect with your baby. Here is our list of top 10 best baby book reviews that you should consider reading together to your child.

1. Goodnight Moon

Children's Book Goodnight Moon

Bedtime story Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon, written by Margaret Wise Brown is among the best toddler books of all times. For your baby to have adequate sleep, they need to have a bedtime routine. The book is soothing enough to make the baby know that it's time for rest. It is suitable for children between two to five years. The rhythm and repetition features in the book will lull your baby off to dreamland. Goodnight Moonis full of pictures with simple and vivid colours. It also has few pages, making it a perfect size for your loved one to hold.

2. Press Here

Children's Bedtime story book Press Here

Children's Book Press Here

This simple children's book offers plenty of opportunities for children to strengthen their basic concepts in art and math. It is also fun to use with paint, paper and a little imagination required. You can help your child to press the yellow dot on the book cover, follow the given instructions and start the adventurous journey. Each page requires the reader to push the button, shake and tilt the book for amazing discoveries. Your child can see the dots change direction, multiply or increase in size.

3. Goodnight Gorilla

Children's Bedtime Story Book Good Night Gorilla

Children's Book Good Night Gorilla

The hardcover book consisting of 40 pages contains easy to follow texts and beautifully crafted illustrations of a zoo story. It can be a perfect bedtime read for your two and above year's old kid. The book talks about a naughty gorilla that snatches keys from a zookeeper and sets the zoo animals free to go and sleep at the zoo keeper's house secretly. Goodnight Gorilla is full of hilarious and expressive art with few texts for kids to understand and enjoy at the same time.

4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Children's Bedtime Story Book Brown Bear What Do You See?

Children's Book Brown Bear What Do You See?

The repetitive structure of the book encourages readers to read long, making it very interesting for babies above two years of age. The baby book has adorable animals with bold primary colours making it a perfect read for scholars and pre-toddlers who love to guess what animals will come next. It is easy to memorize the lines and this encourages kids to read along. The book teaches young children to identify colours and animal words. You can help your kid identify colours in different pages by pointing out the colours they see.

5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Children's Bedtime Story Book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Children's Book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

The baby book is fun to read for both kids and adults. Kids will be thrilled by the characters’ tree climbing trends. Both read-to-me and beginner readers will, in no doubt, enjoy the bouncy rhymes, vibrant art, the personification of letters and repetition. The letters creatures get injured once they fall off the tree. The book also gives detailed details of the injuries. Chicka Chika Boom Boomis an enjoyable and quick to read book. It teaches kids language skills when they are still young and the repetition feature of some words makes it memorable. It is recommended for children above the age of two years.

6. Pajama Time

Children's Bedtime Story Book Pajama Time

Children's Book Pajama Time

This is also one of the favourite bedtime baby books for both parents and kids. The book consists of silly fun and clever rhymes that will put your baby to sleep in no time. It is a quick and easy to read book which introduces both big and small concepts in very simple ways. Pajama Timewill help your kid maintain a bedtime routine to ensure that they have enough sleep time. You can introduce your baby to the book when they are only six months old.

7. If Animals Kissed Goodnight

Children's Bedtime Story Book If Animals Kissed Good Night

Children's Story Book: If Animals Kissed Good Night

We all love to give our kids a goodnight kiss before they sleep. But do animals do the same?

If Animals Kissed Goodnightis a favourite among toddlers. It provides an amazing combination of funny animal pictures and a rhyme-y bedtime chat. The baby book will lead your kid to slumber land and offers the necessary stimulus for cognitive development. It has playful rhyming verses that are very appealing to young kids. Read-aloud experiences will also improve your child's vocabulary and language skills. The book uses soft watercolours for illustrations that provide a soothing ambiance when it is read before bedtime. It is one of the must-read books for toddlers and preschoolers.

8. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Children's Bedtime Story Book: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Children's Story Book: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

The book is written using simple humour for kids to enjoying reading over again and again. Children, as well as adults, enjoy reading this book. The baby book narrates the story of a child who tried so hard to ensure that all the demands of a needy mouse are met. The wonderful story excites kids and also provides opportunities for learning. The images and repetition make the book a favourite for kids above three years of age.

9. Where the Wild Things Are

Chidren's Bedtime Story Book: Where The Wild Things Are

Children's Story Book: Where The Wild Things Are

This is the story of a wild child, Max who threatens his mom and as a result, he goes to bed without taking dinner. In the bedroom, his imagination transforms into an extraordinary setting, with a forest, an ocean, and a boat. Max uses the boat to travel to a land of ‘wild things' and is able to tame them with one glance.

The author of the book used creative imagination, simple text and appealing artwork. Children of all ages can enjoy reading the book over and over. The author uses amazing illustrations that are full of life and colour, and scary monsters in the book look more funny than scary. The pictures will create lasting images in a child's mind and helps improve the kid's memory.

10. Little Blue Truck

Children's Bedtime Story Book: Little Blue Truck

Children's Story: Little Blue Truck

The great rhyme and rhyme scheme makes Little Blue Truckan enjoyable book for young children. The book is both entertaining and fun to read. It features farm animals with bold and brilliant illustrations making it very attractive to young children. The toddlers’ book also has a manageable length with few lines per page. This makes it a perfect to read option for one-year-olds, but older kids can also enjoy the book as well. It teaches the importance of making friends and being friendly to others. It also promotes teamwork.

Welcoming a cute bundle of joy into the family is usually an exciting experience; however, taking care of the baby can at times be overwhelming. One of the most difficult parts of being a parent is convincing the baby to eat or sleep.

Reading toddler books can greatly contribute to the growth and development of your baby. Most of these books are written by experts and contain various elements that are appealing to the baby. They also include information that can be useful to both new parents and those who have had a baby before. Before reading for your baby, ensure that the baby is dry, fed and alert. The following are some additional reading tips to help both you and your baby enjoy the moment;

  • Cuddle the baby while reading. This will make the baby feel warm and safe.
  • Use expressions and tone variations where appropriate
  • You don't have to follow the text directly. Pause the reading once in a while and make comments or ask questions (if the kid is old enough to answer)
  • Make funny animal sounds, sing nursery rhymes and include anything you feel will make the reading more enjoyable.
  • Babies love repetition, so do not hesitate to read the book again and again

In conclusion, there is a wide range of best children’s books available today. Ensure that you choose a book depending on the baby's age. As the baby grows, he or she will begin to like specific types of books. Try as much as possible to have a list of these books for both you and your baby to have perfect reading time.

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