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    Planning Healthy Snacks & Meals For Pick Eaters

    By Lisa Hayden / May 30, 2024
    Picky eater Child

    Planning Healthy Snacks And Meals For Picky Eaters

    For many parents, getting their children to embrace a healthy and balanced diet is one of the biggest challenges. In fact, a quick Google search of the phrase "picky eaters" turns up more than 5,840,000 results. However, it’s important to know that you won’t always have to cater to your child’s picky taste buds. Here are some ideas from our lovely friends at Nature's Bakery to keep in mind when you’re trying to enforce healthy eating habits in your child.

    1. These days, one of the biggest causes of obesity and general unhealthiness is too much sugar. Sugar is hidden in nearly everything these days, so it’s imperative to check all labels carefully.

    2. Children embrace the opportunity to make their own decisions. Keep a variety of healthy snacks on hand so that next time they come home after school or sports practice you can offer them a choice. Rather than force feeding them a dreaded veggie, offer a choice between yogurt, healthy snack bars, hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, or carrots.

    3. Sometimes, children dislike vegetables simply because of their texture. Be creative and adventurous with your culinary endeavors -- there are countless ways to replace ingredients with healthier substitutes and use them in nontraditional ways. Believe it or not, there are recipes that hide vegetables so well that your children won’t even know they’re eating them!

    Ultimately, it’s important to educate your children about the basics of staying healthy from an early age. Do all that you can to make your child feel comfortable talking to you about any health issues or concerns. Finally, make sure to show your support through every step of the way.

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