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    Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

    By Lisa Hayden / March 3, 2022

    ​When is Second Trimester?The 2nd trimester of pregnancy is normally from the fourth month to the sixth month. It is commonly referred to as the honeymoon period of the pregnancy cycle because the troubles associated with the first trimester are behind you, and it is relatively smooth with no serious issues to deal with.There can […]

    Hypnobirthing without classes

    By Kathi Otreba / January 30, 2022

    HypnoBirthing without classesSo you decided to try learning HypnoBirthing on your own. Good for you! We at ParentsNeed HQ have researched the best ways to DIY hypnobirthing. We’ll tell you where you can start so you don’t spend your precious time on research that’s already been done! There are two ways  to learn HypnoBirthing on […]

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