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    Kathi Otreba

    Kathi is a certified psychologist, HypnoBirthing institute certified childbirth educator and professional photographer based in Innsbruck Austria. As one of the first certified instructors of HypnoBirthing in Germany, she has helped hundreds of women achieve gentle natural births. She is the founder of HypnoBirthing Berlin, HypnoBirthing Tirol, and HypnoBirthing Online: the first online HypnoBirthing Course in German. When she's not busy working, she spends her free time in nature sharing beautiful photos with the world.

    Hypnobirthing without classes

    By Kathi Otreba / September 5, 2018

    HypnoBirthing without classes Part 1 – Book ReviewsSo you decided to try learning HypnoBirthing on your own. Good for you! We at ParentsNeed HQ want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn on your own.The best way to get started is to get a Hypnobirthing book. To save you time, we’ve […]