5 Tips to caring for old trees

By Lisa / November 23, 2020
Tips to take care of old trees

5 Tips to caring for old trees

Old trees are a treasure that you should value and preserve. There is so much history in an old tree. Large shady trees can reduce your utility bills by shading your house and blocking the wind. Trees are also an excellent way to increase your home’s value. The trees in your yard absorb noise and provide a playground to children. As trees grow older and more substantial, they offer more benefits. As a result, mature trees are worth your attention and care. Here are five tips to caring for old trees.

1. Protect the Bark

The bark helps in transporting water to other parts of a tree. As such, it is crucial to protect these vital water vessels. Ensure that power tools such as lawnmowers and string trimmers do not strike the tree. You can use a circle of mulch to create a buffer zone. Mulch is also the best gift you could give a tree. Mulch will insulate the soil around the tree, discourage foot traffic, and improve soil quality. Spread a layer of wood chips about three inches deep around the tree without piling against the bark.

2. Do not hang things from trees

A rope with a suspended tire swing can quickly wear away the protective bark and damage other tissue. Such suspended things will damage the bark or break the branch. If you want to hang a hammock, do not tie a rope around the tree. You will cause less damage if you drill a hole and screw in a large eye bolt.

3. Water the Trees

Often, an old tree can live off the rainy season. However, if the dry period extends, your old trees may need watering to avoid stress. Take your time when watering so that the roots can absorb the water. Set your hose to provide a slow trickle and place the nozzle on the ground under the branches. Move the tube a few feet every 20 minutes to ensure that the water is evenly distributed. If the hose cannot reach the tree, a few buckets of water will help.

4. Get Professional Inspection

As the tree grows old, it may develop cracks, rot, or get sick. The best way is to have it inspected by a professional. Professionals such as Tree service Escondido CA can spot problems early and recommend measures to prolong the tree’s life. You will also get a chance to learn about the various signs of a sick tree. Allow the experts to select a guide to trees and their diseases.

5. Pruning

Some trees do not need much pruning. If done wrongly or during the wrong time, pruning can slow down the growth rate of trees. The best time to prune your trees is when you see dead limbs. Take your time to safely cut the branches away from the tree to prevent causing a more significant wound. Additionally, you should ensure that the cut branches do not fall and damage any property.

Take your time to take care of your trees to ensure a lifetime of in your home.

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