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We’re always looking for new freelance authors and guest bloggers who can share their opinions and insights on a wide range of authoritative parenting topics. If you’ve got a hint of what exactly will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, don't hesitate to tell us all about it. We're always looking for a perspective that is new and fresh.

Come up with a well-written and well-researched piece on your insights and opinions. Whether you have tips, hacks, new concepts, guidelines, amazing videos, cool apps or anything else, simply write to us. Our web design and tech department is eagerly waiting for your articles. We’re also on the lookout for motivational, cool and viral contents that’ll help many others like you in good parenting. So start brainstorming and send us your best pieces today!!

We accept submission in the following categories:

  • Contents exploring the subject of authoritative parenting
  • Inspirational posts
  • Viral videos about authoritative parenting

How to get published on our website?

You can submit your rough drafts, partial drafts or even just a pitch with an outline. We will give you a good feedback, but only when your article is well-written, well-researched and incredibly compelling. Remember, we do not accept plagiarized content. So before you send us something, make sure it has a fresh perspective and is completely original.

Every submission sent to us, goes through a process of internal review by our team members. Our experts thoroughly check your posts and handpick the best ones from the lot. Here are a couple of things to consider for submission of your posts. We accept posts that

  • Have a proper thesis and a clear set of argument on the topic. It should not be a simple list of tips or hacks for authoritative parenting. The content should be rich and every point should be supported with an argument.
  • Has a voice and perspective of its own. The ideas you talk about should be your own. The perspective you use, should be fresh. Try to be bold and compelling in your write-ups.
  • Are written for a target audience of authoritative parents. Your contents should talk about how this approach helps in successful development of a child. It should be addressed directly to the parents.
  • Are supported with arguments that are convincing enough. Your write-up should not be a mere list of opinions. You should check your facts and cite references for as many sources you can.

Additionally, there are also a couple of other things that you have to ensure;

  • Cite back to those credible resources that strengthen your claim, concept and opinion on a certain topic.
  • Try to cite examples that are relatable for the readers. Your examples should compel them to visualize the exact message you’re looking out to deliver to them.
  • Use images and video links (wherever possible) that support your content.

Sounds pretty easy right? But hold on right there. Our team also has to reject a couple of posts for a variety of reasons. So if you don’t want your article to be a part of that statistic, read on to know what kind of submissions, we do not accept.

What do we reject?

Irrelevant topics - We reject all the topics that irrelevant to our site. We are an authoritative parenting site and your content has to revolve around this approach. You can come up with contents ranging between what to do and what not to do to be a good parent, inspirational examples of successful authoritative parents and so on. But sending something about choosing the right curtain or figuring out the right loan; wouldn’t really help us.

Too long or too short posts - We do not accept submissions that are either too short (blurbs) or too long (length of a novel).

Plagiarized posts - We respect writers who make their living through writing and therefore do not accept any submissions that are plagiarized or spun from any other source. You can take inspiration regarding the idea, but the style and structure of the content should be entirely your own. We do not compromise with the quality of a post.

Posts that are written with the purpose of marketing - We do not accept submissions that try to market a service or a tool with which the writer is associated.

Content that is not really a submission - Please do not use the link of the submission for enquiring about our submission guidelines. We’ve already shared the secrets with you. Now just be brave and send in your submission.

Check the format of your posts

  • Do not submit any post that is in doc. Or HTML formats.
  • Ensure that your submissions have a proper title.
  • The images you use should be in JPG format and should carry a line of credit that directly hyperlinks to the source.
  • The images used in the submissions should not be copyrighted materials.
  • The name of your image files should be in lowercase. They should also be hyphenated.
  • All the image files should be zipped in a zip folder.
  • The images should be in the best resolution. They should not be blurry when we publish it.

Send in your author’s bio along with the submission. This will be right below your published submission. You may or may not send in your image for a guest post.

Submit your post

Well, now that you know our guidelines, send in your submissions right away. But after you send submit, do understand that due to the huge volume of submissions we receive daily, it might not be possible for us to reply to every individual submission. So if we don’t get back to you within two weeks of sending a post, it is safe to assume that the content will not be published on our site.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a professional writer to submit posts?

No. You needn’t be a professional writer to share your posts on our website. As you know, our website is based on authoritative parenting. So if you have any idea, insight or perspective about the concept, please feel free to share with us. It does not matter whether or not you have written something prior to this. All you need to do is, write something which is original, compelling and supported with enough facts. Do not merely send us a submission about your opinion on a certain subject. Explain why you think that way. Explain what shaped your opinions. Support every opinion with a relevant fact. Once you do that, your submission will be happily accepted by our team.

What should I write about?

Well, as you already know that we discuss about the concepts of authoritative parenting, you can send in anything about the topic. It can be your concept of authoritative parenting, why you think it is beneficial, how you think it can help young kids and so on. You can also send in your personal experiences on authoritative parenting. Tell us about your experiences when you adopted this approach of parenting. Did your kid like it? Were they unhappy due to some reason? What has been the outcome of your approach? Share your stories with us and we will publish them right away.

Can I send in an article that I have already written?

Yes. You can send in an article that you have already written. But you have to make sure that the article is not published anywhere else. Any plagiarized content will be rejected by our editors.

How good should my writing be?

We accept posts that are well written. While you may not have an impeccable grasp on the language, the content you send in should be informative. Our editors will do the minor grammatical tweaks if necessary. But before sending a post, you have to ensure that the submission is easily understandable for our audience.

What should I do after submitting a post?

After sending a submission to us, please be patient and wait for at least two weeks. Our editors will get back to you in a fortnight if your post is accepted for submission. However, if you do not receive a reply from our end even after two weeks, you can assume that the post will not be published. In that case, you can use your submission anywhere else. We do not hold any copyright to it. We would suggest you to be patient with your posts. Do not send a same post multiple times. Also, do not send a post with multiple editors. We appreciate your effort to let the word know about your insights, but in order to get published you will have to follow the guidelines we’ve set at the beginning of the page.

Publishing Policy

The route to quick submission

We are a team of professionals who encourage compelling, well researched and high-quality submissions about authoritative parenting. We are fans of neutral, original and completely unbiased content. So send us a well-written, researched and informative article without thinking twice.

All your submissions will go through a stringent process of review by our team of editors before the publication. Besides the plagiarism check and some light editing, every article will have to garner two positive reviews from our editors before we publish it on our site.​

Payment and copyright policies

We will pay for every article published on our site, unless you are willing to submit your work a complete contribution. The published articles on our website are the original content of our authors. Our team does not have any influence over the advice, opinions, structure or recommendations prescribed in the given submission. However, we do reserve the final decision to publish the submissions and every such post which is found unsuitable for publication will be rejected.

While we take the best efforts to ensure that none of the submissions posted on our website are copyright infringed content, in the event that such a situation occurs, we will immediately remove the concerned submission from our website.​

Material for submission

The goal of our website is to give parents a complete insight on authoritative parenting. This parenting takes a unique and more moderate approach where parents set high standards for their children while being nurturing and responsible simultaneously. This approach focuses on showing respect for kids as rational and independent individuals. While offering emotional support, the authoritative parent also expects co-operation and emotional support from their child. Our site focuses on this concept and helps parents to follow the approach of authoritative parenting.

If you are visiting our site for long and have browsed through the articles published here, you will know that we publish every such content that leaves a positive impact in the lives of parents.

We currently do not participate in any kind of link-exchange system. So please do not send in your website links. Our team is always open to all kinds of criticism and suggestions posted by our readers. Do get in touch with us, if you are happy or unhappy with a certain submission.

Posts that have certain keywords and links in any part of the article, (including the author’s bio) are not published on our site. This is because the links tend to confuse the readers and in some cases are used as an attempt to raise search engine ranks of a particular website.

Submission policy

When you send in a submission to our website, it automatically implies that the content you send is original and has not been published or sent anywhere else. As mentioned in our guidelines earlier, please do not send us a copy of a content that has been submitted or published anywhere else. Additionally, you should also ensure that the work sent to us is not submitted elsewhere while we are still reviewing it.