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    Which Type of Introvert are You? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

    By Lisa Hayden / March 19, 2019

    Got the result? Find out more about it below! Social This type of introvert isn’t shy in the traditional sense. Social events don’t give these folks anxiety. It’s just that they prefer to socialize in small groups rather than large ones and sometimes to opt for not socializing at all. This choice isn’t about fear, […]

    Pregnancy Myths: Fact or Fiction? Take A Quiz

    By Lisa Hayden / January 7, 2019

    Pregnancy Myths: Fact or Fiction? – Take A QUIZAn exceptionally wonderful aspect of pregnancy is the outpouring of concern from your family and friends for both you and your baby. Nearly everyone you know has their versions of what to dos and what not to dos. While a large number these well meaning advices may be valid, many […]