Kathi Otreba

    Joining our team in 2018 is our resident Psychologist and Certified Child Birth Educator, Kathi Otreba.

    Kathi graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin with an MSc. Psycology. She is a certified Childbirth Educator with the HypnoBirthing institute. Kathi is also a registered professional photographer based in Innsbruck Austria.

    As one of the first certified instructors of HypnoBirthing in Germany, she has helped hundreds of women achieve gentle natural births. She is the founder of HypnoBirthing Berlin, HypnoBirthing Tirol, and HypnoBirthing Online: the first online HypnoBirthing Course in German.

    We're grateful to Kathi for lending her expertise in the area of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Babies.

    When she's not busy working, she spends her free time in nature sharing beautiful photos with the world.

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    Lisa Hayden

    Lisa Hayden is an author, stay-at-home mom, and blogger.

    She loves to travel with her family and is meticulous about sharing her experiences in the journey of parenthood with her readers.​

    Her detailed documentation of her experiences and all of her lessons learnt has led to the tremendous parenting resource available here at ParentsNeed.com.

    When she's not busy working, Lisa's a sucker for romance books, loves to curl up to a good movie on Friday nights after her battle with the school week is over.

    Adrian P

    ​Adrian is a developer and online entrepreneur. He keeps ParentsNeed.com in shape and is responsible for all things technical at ParentsNeed.com.

    Himself a parent, he has been found to secretly read a few posts while taking a break from his site maintenance and coding duties!​

    When he's not busy, Adrian is an avid gravity sport enthusiast and dabbles in sports related to getting down steep slopes, with or without snow.