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    Ultrasound Vs Sonogram: What Is The Difference?

    By Lisa Hayden / December 4, 2018

    Ultrasound vs. Sonogram: Is there a difference?No doubt, you have complete faith in your doctor, which is good. Remember, you and your doctor will work hand in hand throughout your pregnancy to make sure you and the baby are ready for D-day. In this case, your delivery date. You can expect to undergo several tests […]

    How to Quit Drinking After the Holidays

    By Lisa / December 1, 2018

    How to Quit Drinking After the HolidaysOverindulging during the holiday is all too easy. There are always too many toasts from Thanksgiving through Christmas to the New Year. Drinking is something most of are guilty of, and the first work week in January is always a hangover week. If you’ve just had a new born, […]

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