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    Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide to Pumping Milk at Work

    By Lisa Hayden / March 16, 2019

    Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide to Pumping Milk at WorkBreastfeeding will always be a personal matter for a parent to decide on. Many circumstances surround the decision on whether to do it or not. As far as medical authorities’ opinions go, however, the likes of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetricians and […]

    Advantages of Breastfeeding for Both Mother and Baby

    By Lisa Hayden / March 3, 2019

    Women find that there are many advantages of breastfeeding their children, not only for them but also for their babies’ health. Even if nowadays there are many types of formula which come very close to providing the baby with almost the same nutrients and protection as the breast milk, they are still far from reaching […]

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