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    Language Development and Speech Delay in Children

    By Lisa Hayden / February 20, 2020

    Language Development and Speech Delay in ChildrenMama… Dada… Babababababa!!!They may be simple syllables but these syllables make us the happiest parents on earth! There’s no denying it when our baby starts to blabber; it makes us have that jittery feeling inside that we just can’t comprehend. Then we start capturing it on video just so […]

    When Does My Baby Start Teething?

    By Lisa Hayden / January 30, 2020

    Teething is that stage in the baby’s development cycle that most mums are most excited about and also seem to be a bit worried and confused. Teething happens somewhere between 4-8 months when you are trying to help her sleep through the night and the nature tries to undo it for you.The babies normally become […]

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