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Language Development and Speech Delay in Children

By Lisa Hayden / July 5, 2020

Language Development and Speech Delay in ChildrenMama… Dada… Babababababa!!!They may be simple syllables but these syllables make us the happiest parents on earth! There’s no denying it when our baby starts to blabber; it makes us have that jittery feeling inside that we just can’t comprehend. Then we start capturing it on video just so […]

Red Flags to Watch Out for During Baby Development

By Lisa Hayden / June 19, 2020

Baby’s MilestonesWhen monitoring your child’s growth, baby milestones are your friend because they help you to gauge whether your child is developing in a normal way or not. This means that if they don’t achieve these milestones in the intended time, it should be a red flag to you indicating that all is not well. […]

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