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    Unusual Baby Features You May Encounter in New Born Babies

    November 9, 2013
    Unusual Baby Features

    Babies are wrinkled, sometimes they look cute and perfect and smell nice, but it is not unusual for other people to think that they look weird. This is because their features are too small or some are growing faster than others to the point that they look unusual. In particular cases, the features are indeed weird, but many of these are natural and should not cause panic.

    Funny heads and facial features

    The heads of babies sometimes look shapeless. This is not a cause for alarm as it is common for this to happen due to their being squeezed through the baby canal. Sometimes they have weird depressions on their sides caused by forceps or any other kind of pressure used on them during birth.

    Sometimes the birth is harrowing and in the process of getting the baby out the face is bruised. In such cases, you will notice the face is swollen, or some features such as the nose will look squished. There is no cause for alarm as they relax from the birth trauma, these issues will correct themselves.

    Eye color changes

    New born babies experience various eye color changes in the span of their first year. It is not unusual for a child’s eyes to be one color today and a different color the next. Wait for a year and the real color will manifest itself, so there is no cause for alarm.

    Wrinkly skin and funny colors

    If you spend a long time in water your skin wrinkles, and the same happens to babies after spending nine months in the womb. This will change in time. Some babies have blue hands and feet which are caused by a circulatory system that is not fully developed. It is not yet used to change and needs to strengthen. This happens within a short time after birth, so there is no cause for alarm.

    It’s also common for a baby to look jaundiced especially when you look at the whites of their eyes. This phenomenon occurs in a large number of babies, but it clears in ten days after the birth of the baby.

    Rashes and bumps

    If you notice red spots with whitish centers on your child’s skin, don’t be alarmed as new born babies often develop rashes. You may also notice blue patches on the lower part of their bottoms especially if your child has dark skin. Other strange spots are blotchy red patches on the face and neck similar to bruises. All these are standard features and will disappear within a year and a half of the baby being born.

    Swollen genitalia

    It’s common for babies to have abnormally large genitalia. They are dark in color compared to the rest of the body. Don’t be surprised if your baby girl has vaginal discharge or some streaks of blood. These aspects are down to the baby’s body getting rid of any remaining hormones from the mother that are left in their system.

    The primary idea with strange features on your baby is that as long as your child is healthy, the strange features will even out within a year after their birth date. Avoid panic and concentrate on caring for the baby as required. If you are really in doubt, ask the doctor to put your mind at ease.

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