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Top 5 Best and Unique Christmas Gifts for Dads | 2017 Reviews

February 2, 2017
Top 5 Best and Unique Christmas Gifts for Dads

Top 5 Best and Unique Christmas Gifts for Dads | 2017 Reviews

It’s nearly everyone’s favorite time of the year. Can you believe it? We can’t either; but, fortunately, we have been able to put together a Christmas shopping guide to help you out. Surely, you wouldn’t want to ruin your budget so we are here to help you figure out what products to start getting for the most important people in your life.

Now, let’s start with the daddies. Time and again, we have found ourselves wondering “what to get my dad for Christmas” and we’re pretty sure you have, too. So, what exactly are the best gifts for men?

Well, it basically depends on the type of man you are giving a gift to. Do they have particular hobbies? Are they in love with photography? DIY projects? Barbecue sessions with family and friends? The outdoors? Your gift could depend on what things that they love doing in their pastime, for a living – or you can just choose to introduce something new to keep them busy.

It can be quite a challenge to come up with that one, truly personalized Christmas gifts for new dads and even not so new ones. To make your shopping a little easier, we have rounded up a list of the best ideas for dads for Christmas. Surely, you would want to make your favorite men in your life happy, right?

If you are ready, here are the top 5 best and most unique Christmas gifts for dads that you should consider adding into your shopping list!​

Quick Comparison Table

Maison Lambert Deluxe Organic Shaving Kit

USA Toyz UX5C RC Quadcopter Drone

RAK Magnetic Wristband

Cool One Flexible Unbreakable Wine Bottle

Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tools 

Maison Lambert Deluxe Organic Shaving Kit
USA Toyz UX5C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera
RAK Magnetic Wristband
Cool One Flexible Unbreakable Wine Bottle
Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tools with 16 Barbecue Accessories






Maison Lambert Deluxe Organic Shaving Kit

Maison Lambert Deluxe Organic Shaving Kit

The world may have progressed a lot; it does not mean that everybody is joining in. In fact, many people would love to go back in time and follow the ways of the world without a lot of technology involved. Pretty sure, a lot of men are curious about old school shaving and would like to try it out, too.

Although it might seem like people no longer have time to do slow process, they actually do have. This shaving kit is among the perfect and best gift ideas for dads, granddads, boyfriends and husbands. If your man has gotten used to straight razors and also those nauseating sprays and colognes that only hurt the environment, by the way, then you should definitely let them try this one out.

What we love most about this shaving kit is that it comes with organic products. This includes the shaving soap, aftershave balm and body soap. Even the shaving bowl and brush feels very close to nature as they are made from wood and pure black badger. Awesome, right? They are definitely perfect for men who are conscious about using organic and vegan products. Did we mention that this kit was put together lovingly and handmade using pure French tradition?

There really isn’t anything much we can say about this kit. To use it, you only need to wet the shaving brush, turn it in the soap for around 25 seconds then build the lather by turning it in one’s hand. You can then squeeze the lather between the thumb and hand to get it out then apply to the face as needed. It is truly fun to go back to the basics and it includes shaving those annoying hairs around one’s face. If there is one thing that you can give to the favorite men in your life that will make them very sexy and masculine, it is definitely this product!

Without a doubt, this is the best Christmas gift for daddy to give so we are placing it right at the top spot in our list.

Details of the Maison Lambert Deluxe Organic Shaving Kit


2.6 pounds


6.7 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches


Wood shaving bowl, shaving soap, aftershave balm, body soap, shaving brush

USA Toyz UX5C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

USA Toyz UX5C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Does the man in your life love photography or, perhaps, traveling? Among the best and most unique Daddy Christmas gifts you should consider giving is a camera drone! Nope, they do not need to be a travel blogger or a YouTube sensation to want this. Just the fact that they have a remote controlled copter that also takes photos and videos is enough to get them excited.

It does have a rather steep learning curve so figuring out how to control the quadcopter may take some time. But…you know men and gadgets? It shouldn’t be long before they finally get this up and flying like a pro.

What we love about this quadcopter drone with camera is that it is priced fairly well for an entry level product. Sure, it cannot compete very well when compared to the bigger brands but it is a great product to start learning taking videos and photos from a bird’s eye view. It uses a 720p camera and, while the video can be jerky at times, it does record audio pretty well so they are perfect for use on outdoor concerts and other similar events.

Sadly, because this is just an entry-level drone, it is not as high quality as the others. During windy days, controlling the copter and getting it to go where you want it to can be quite a challenge. It also cannot fly very long – it can take flight for about five minutes and charge for around 20 minutes. You might want to give this gift for dads with a great pair of hiking boots as your dad, boyfriend or husband are more likely to spend time looking for and picking up the drone instead of flying them. That might just let them lose all those excess belly beer, without actually forcing them to.

As such, we are ranking this awesome Christmas gift idea second in our list. Fun toy and perfect for techie dads!

Details of the USA Toyz UX5C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera


3.8 ounces


13.4 x 13 x 2.2 inches

Charging Time

90 to 120 minutes

Flight Distance

60 to 75 meters

Flight Duration

7 to 9 minutes


2 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Battery, USB Power Bank, USB Charger

RAK Magnetic Wristband

RAK Magnetic Wristband

Some men love to play with their tools especially those that involve breaking and fixing things around the house. If you have such kind of men in your life, you will probably want to consider this magnetic wristband as a Christmas gift idea.

What exactly does it do? Well, it prevents misplacing those tiny screws, nails, bolts, washers, drill bits and other small metallic items. It can be frustrating to lose them or see them roll to the bottom of a huge piece of furniture, right? Rather than putting their backs and knees at risk of breaking, why not make sure that they can properly store these small items somewhere where they do not forget it and they can easily access it?

Aside from holding all these small bits and pieces through its 10 strong magnets, we love that this wristband is so light and comfortable and that it does not get in the way. It is a great time saver in that they do not have to keep looking for the small pieces since they can just let them stick to the wristband.

The wristband also fits all wrist sizes so you can get them for everyone – yes, even the handy women in your life, if you like. The moment you see this product, you will right away see that it is made up of durable and strong materials that are built to last long. No worries about your items falling off – and in the process, creating an even bigger mess – because this one definitely holds up the metallic items well. 

We do, however, believe that there are times when the wristband would not hold the items as expected. Perhaps if you make sudden movements or when you brush it up against something, the items have a tendency to fall.​

We would have loved for it to have an even stronger magnet to prevent this from happening but we still think it is a great helping hand during small DIY projects at home. As such, we will have to place this at the middle of our list.

Details of the RAK Magnetic Wristband


0.02 pounds


5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches



Cool One Flexible Unbreakable Wine Bottle

Cool One Flexible Unbreakable Wine Bottle

What’s another awesome Christmas gift for daddy that you should consider buying? This flexible and unbreakable wine bottle! Cool, right?

Well, if your dad, boyfriend or husband loves drinking and bringing their wine at practically anywhere, then this is the perfect companion to give them. Although it doesn’t seem like much, we are pretty sure that the favorite man in your life will thank you for your cool gift.

One of the things we love about this wine bottle is that it does not break – obviously! So, you can bring them out during camping, boating or hiking trips and you do not have to worry about losing everything. Any place where glass is prohibited (but hopefully wine isn’t), you can bring this one. Just a few ideas on where else to bring this product: beach, pool, picnics, outdoor concerts, BBQ, ski trips – and so much more!

To use this wine bottle, all you have to do is remove the cap and blow into the bottle to allow it to expand. Then, just pour to about 90% full (it can hold up to 750 ml) then screw the cap back on. Next, massage the bottle firmly making sure to include the bottom and the corners to they can further expand. After that, you can remove the cap and finish pouring the rest of the wine. Bring it wherever you go!

You might want to note that this bottle is not designed to stay long in a freezer but you can leave it there for an hour or two or you can also choose to use a cooler instead. The bottle will not make your wine taste like plastic and you can drink the wine straight from the bottle, making sure to hold the opening as it is the sturdiest portion.

Depending on your man’s personality, you can choose from the designs that come with clever quotes in front. The product does feel cheaply made so if you would rather go for something fancy, this would not be the one. For this, we are placing this awesome wine bottle at the fourth spot in our list.

Details of the Cool One Flexible Unbreakable Wine Bottle


2.4 ounces


10 x 6.2 x 0.4 inches


750 ml

Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tools with 16 Barbecue Accessories

Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tools with 16 Barbecue Accessories

There is nothing more masculine and sexy than being able to grill your favorite steak accompanied with the right tools to get the job done perfectly. If you are looking for a cool Christmas gift for men, then this is the perfect product to consider giving to dads, husbands, boyfriends and granddads.

What is so great about these barbecue grill tools? Well, the fact that this kit comes with 16 pieces is a huge plus. That means they get a chef spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, four pairs of corn holders, cleaning brush, two skewers for grilling vegetables and a whole lot more. Plus, they are all made in stainless steel ensuring that they only get the strongest and most durable products in the market. Yes, and they also come in a stainless steel carrying case, too, which makes them feel like a secret agent or something. There is no longer a need to worry about the tools getting rusty and it won’t crack like wooden handles, too. The men in your life will love holding barbecue parties from now on because they are easy to use and clean (dishwasher friendly)!

If your husband hates the grill and you would like to introduce him to it, this is the perfect cool gift to give this Christmas. It works quite well for its price point so you can definitely get your money’s worth. No need to cry over how much you spent in case your man does not end up liking cooking and grilling.

But, in case he does, make sure to include a chef’s hat and perhaps some sexy aprons to help them complete the look. Your man will love grilling steaks, hotdogs, corns and other types of food with his new tools – and the whole family surely will, too!

So what did we love about the product? The fact that it is lightweight and easy to clean and use! Obviously, it does not compete as well with similar products at higher price points but it is a good-enough kit to test out the waters. After weighing all the pros and cons, we are pushing this back at the bottom of our list.

Details of the Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tools with 16 Barbecue Accessories


3.75 pounds


3.6 x 8 x 18 inches


Stainless Steel


What did you think about our Christmas ideas for men? Has it made your Christmas shopping for dads a lot easier? We hope so. We had a great time searching for the most unique and the best gift items to give out the favorite men in our lives and we certainly hope that they will love these gift ideas we have in store for them.

Be sure to choose the products that you believe are closest to their personalities and their hobbies. Don’t be too hard on yourself during the “perfect gift” search; as long as it comes from the heart, it is perfect. Have a great time Christmas shopping!​

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